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On the Dot walks away with six awards at the prestigious Media24 awards evening

On the evening of Friday, 5 May, On the Dot stole the spotlight by walking away with six awards at the prestigious Media24 awards evening.
From Left: Ockert Fourie, Bradley Vraagom, Rika Swart, Nadya Hoosen, Milan Stuchlik and Ishmet Davidson
From Left: Ockert Fourie, Bradley Vraagom, Rika Swart, Nadya Hoosen, Milan Stuchlik and Ishmet Davidson

On the Dot awards:

Innovation Award: OtD Operational Excellence team: Bradley Vraagom (OE manager) and Chris Swanepoel (senior analyst)

This award is for a business unit or team who developed a new and innovative project with:
  • unique functionality and innovative design/user experience; and
  • in a manner not previously seen at On the Dot.
The Operational Excellence team of OtD is one of the secret weapons of OtD, and critical to our success. Under Bradley’s supervision this team coordinated more than 100 projects. This phenomenal team that is responsible for project management, quality control (including safety and operational audits) and operational efficiencies, designed various innovative models targeted to improve the operational efficiencies.

Excellence Award: OtD Media Logistics (fixed route): Ockert Fourie

This award is for the business unit with the best financial performance over a period of one to three years.

Reducing their costs with 14% YoY and beating budgeted costs for FY17 with 10%. The financial results achieved by OtD Media Logistics this year is not from a single activity, but through the collective impact of numerous projects implemented by this team under Ockert’s leadership, driving continued improvement and establishing a winning team culture.

Media24 Corporate Awards:

DP de Villiers Award: On the Dot Media Logistics

This award recognises a business unit of any size for its improvement in turnover and profit over a period of one to three years.

Every single business unit within On the Dot Media logistics namely the Subscription, Pamphlets, and Fixed Route divisions, as well as the newly added Informal Market, Call Centre and MySubs divisions, not only met, but exceeded their financial targets for FY17. This absolute phenomenal performance during a period where three new business units were integrated, enabled On the Dot to achieve an unmatched bottom-line improvement.

MyHR Award: Nadya Hoosen

This award is for the people manager or practitioner who is recognised as the most effective partner to the business.

Being truly aligned with the business reality of OtD, Nadya not only constantly reduces the overall cost of HR, doing more with less while integrating more teams with OtD, but geared the OtD teams for ongoing change through the training and individual team interventions strategy she implemented, driving a culture of high employee engagement.

Hein Brand Award: Milan Stuchlik

This award is for an individual in finance who demonstrated excellence in cost control, operational support, risk management and good governance.

Milan’s disciplined approached to controls, corporate governance and operational support, has not only contributed to OtD achieving a profit against a loss-making budget, but has also seen the a number of additional successes.

Hubert Coetzee Award: Rika Swart

This award, in the name of the legendary former MD of Nasionale Pers, is for excellence in management. The criteria includes: initiative, drive, perseverance, leadership and strategic vision.

“I am unbelievably proud of the deserving teams and individuals that won the awards! Well done to each of you. These awards don’t just recognise the excellent contribution from those who received it, but also reflects the fact that the OtD team adopted a culture of continued improvement and embraced change as part of our DNA to take on the challenges of a declining print industry.

"The collective effort of each member of the OtD team, as well as all our service providers - often the unsung heroes, stand at the heart of our success. I am proud to be part of this amazing team and at the same time work with the best brands and respected giants in media. The awards reflect our commitment to support our publishers’ strategy and gear ourselves for the exciting future of media.

"Receiving the Hubert Coetzee Award is a great honour and inspiration to be better, do better. I am privileged to work for a company that has respected leaders across all the Media24 business units, a company that encourages authentic leadership, and promotes a caring culture,” said Rika Swart, General Manager, On the Dot Media Logistics.

9 May 2017 11:56


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