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OtD extends volunteer footprint to several SA societies as numbers of purslane trees grow

On the Dot, South Africa's biggest multi-channel media logistics company that offers distribution solutions for magazines, newspaper, subscriptions, community newspapers and pamphlets through direct to store, home delivery and informal networks, recently demonstrated their commitment to community service and its volunteer project, as employees participated in projects throughout South Africa.
OtD extends volunteer footprint to several SA societies as numbers of purslane trees grow

“From planting vegetables, providing food for children’s homes, to walking dogs at animal welfares, OtD underlined their commitment to do things just slightly different from what you expect from a corporate family, but with the ultimate purpose of making a difference to society,” said Rika Swart, general manager of OtD.

“We are passionate about our values and the Media24 ways of doing things. The team is always looking for opportunities to support our local communities,” she said.

The On the Dot (OtD) executive committee decided to conduct their circulation review in the dining hall of the Kayamandi High School, thereby demonstrating their support for the community. This follow their support of the Society for the Blind when their year-end function was a ‘dinner in the dark’ to gain more insight in the challenges of sight impairment.

On the second day of the review, the executive community members did manual labor in the nursery connected to the school where affordable vegetables are planted to feed the residents in the area.

The Exco members planted purslane-trees or “spekbome” as the goal of establishing a sizable ‘plantation’ of one million purslane-trees by the end of 2017 gained sizable momentum. Currently, 300,000 of the trees have been planted.

Thirteen Exco-members participated in this extraordinary gesture of community care on 7 March.

Just about a week later, the pamphlets’ management team of OtD purchased 30 loaves of bread and provided chicken and mayo sandwiches for the Rays of Hope Children’s Home to offer them a tasteful lunch at Wild Waters.

“The children of the school won’t easily forget this selfless gesture by the six members on the 16th March,” commented Dalene Muller, commercial manager of OtD Pamphlets.

OtD Media Logistics’ Johannesburg Forecasting team visited the Woodrock animal rescue shelter on 17 March, interacting with the animals.

They also implored members of the staff at Media Park to offer donations in terms of food, blankets and toys that were in short supply. Subsequently, these donations poured in in tangible support for the unwavering commitment shown by the 12 staff members of the forecasting team.

OtD Pamphlets Johannesburg Sales visited Rays of Hope Children’s Home in Alexandra on 18 and 30 March and assisted with cleaning and gardening at the three homes. Such was the magnitude of work that the 12 toiling staff members returned the following week to complete their work.

The OtD Media Logistics Johannesburg SSA team also visited The Guild Cottage home for girls on 30 March. The 12 members worked several hours by collecting donated goods to the children and cleaned the house and the garden.

The OtD team at the coastal city of Durban also demonstrated their generous spirit. The OtD Media Logistics Durban team visited The Lake Haven Children’s Home, donating sweets and treating the children to Romans Pizza and cold drinks for lunch on 30 March.

The OtD Media Logistics team in Port Elizabeth visited the Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth on Friday. The team gathered and donated doggy blankets, food and newspapers. The 13 members also interacted with the animals and walked the dogs.

The OtD Media Logistics and operations team in Johannesburg visited the Abraham Kriel Childcare in Langlaagte where the senior team performed some work a few weeks before. The 10 members washed windows, supplying members with old magazines. More team members returned to assist in the kitchen with the preparation of vegetables and making porridge.

“The OtD initiatives are some of several with which Media24 has identified as part of our internal Voluneers24 initiative where each staff member can select any cause they are passionate about and volunteer their time.

“To date, more than 10 % of our staff has made meaningful impacts by spending time at a registered charity of visited worthwhile causes to strengthen vulnerable societies or supporting various WeCan24-projects,” said Adrie Jurgensen, Media24’s manager of community initiatives and project manager of WeCan24, Media24’s flagship educational program that takes editorial teams of schools into the digital era.

“Since April 2016, Media24, through its Volunteer-projects, have generated more than R1,3m, a remarkable effort and several hundred of our personnel have joined the drive to make South Africa a better place for all,” Jurgensens emphasised.

“With our volunteering initiatives, we also give our WeCan24 club journalists the opportunity to report on the social change projects,” she said.

Rika Swart, general manager of OtD, says the projects initiatives started by OtD not only changed people that received generous gifts or assistance, but it also transformed staff members and positively impacted their spirit.

“We hope that the Media24 Volunteer projects will be contagious, and that other South African companies will be inspired to join forces as we as South African community strengthen, uplift and encourage those who are needy, poverty-stricken or vulnerable,” she said.

18 Apr 2017 10:22


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