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Latest News

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

On the Dot Pamphlets, a trading division of Media24 Limited, with over 21 years industry experience, provides access to demographically targeted consumer markets by distributing pamphlets and community newspapers nationally to our 15.2 million homes in five days.
On the Dot distributes over one billion pamphlets, 85 million community newspapers, over 20 million Vuk’unzele government newspapers per annum. With the highest quality delivery networks. On the Dot’s demographic database and distribution footprint offers a reliable, accurate, efficient and cost-effective direct marketing communication platform.

On the Dot has extended their service offerings to clients, teaming up with a number of experts to offer numerous alternative services, with the launch of multi-channel marketing which includes roadshows, activations at taxi ranks, schools, campuses, clinics and community groups, in-store promotions, intersection blitz, loudhailer activations, interior/exterior taxi advertising, billboards, vehicle branding, print and design packages, point distribution, poster erection, research and township tours – affording clients multiple ways to marketing success.


Roadshows are an innovative and effective product marketing tool. The communication vehicles combine outdoor advertising, skilled promoters and state-of-the-art sound systems to create a highly impactful, cost-effective and mobile medium. With national coverage this heavily branded billboard that is double-sided and with stage facilities attracts crowds increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

Community and interest group activations

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

Community and interest group promotions offer clients the opportunity to entrench their brands within communities through sponsorship of events such as: workshops and luncheons, women’s interest groups, weddings, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, etc. Targeting economically active consumers and ensuring trial and awareness of your product through strong branding and sampling, the promotions entrench your brand with people who have the philosophy of “support those who support you”.

Event management

Event management is broad-based and involves sourcing of the venue, including rental, travel and accommodation, hiring of MC, artists, DJs and audiovisual equipment, staging, lighting and screens. The benefit is centralised co-ordination from start to finish.

Clinic activations

Clinic activations enhance quality engagement for a client’s brand as the LSM 3-7 market depends on these facilities for primary healthcare. Marketers are able to engage and connect with consumers who visit government clinics nationally.

Campus activations

Marketers are afforded the opportunity of connecting directly with tertiary students in their environment on a national level. Students are influential consumers. A fully integrated media solution is provided according to the full itinerary and timetable in the five largest campuses in the country offering access to 100,000 students.

School activations

Clients are afforded the opportunity to communicate to children in a controlled environment. School activations are usually conducted in the morning as part of assembly, where a trained team of energetic promoters conduct an interactive promotion with children, creating brand awareness and driving the message home. As children influence almost 80% of parents' brand purchasing decisions, this is a highly effective and impactful marketing mechanism.

Taxi rank activations

This service includes rank activations such as distribution, branding and promoters interacting with commuters on a face-to-face level. The weekly commuter market represents more than 19 million economically active consumers therefore promoters are able to interact with a captive audience inside the taxi and an average of 10 trips per day are conducted by each promoter.

Hit squads of high-energy teams interact with a captive audience inside the taxi, engaging and communicating brand information, driving awareness, communicating messages, inducing trial and increasing propensity to purchase.

In-store promotions

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

In-store promotions and product sampling are not limited to the interior of stores. Sampling can be facilitated according to clients’ needs. This promotion allows for the opportunity to gain market share, increase brand awareness and product trial, drive sales and product launches.

Intersection blitzes

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

These are well-coordinated, trained groups of brand ambassadors who operate at traffic intersections. They are groups of six to eight brand ambassadors that do not only hand out pamphlets or samples to passing motorists, but also create hype around the brand at targeted hotspots during peak traffic periods. It affords high-impact brand awareness and the opportunity to interact and engage with motorists.

Loudhailer activation

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

A well-branded vehicle including a branded A-frame on top of the vehicle to increase brand awareness, equipped with a set of speakers, drives in and around areas in close proximity to the specific store, announcing the store opening and specials, creating excitement and hype and motivating feet though door. Prior to the activation leaflets are distributed in preparation for the event, and during the loudhailer activation leaflets are distributed.

Interior/exterior taxi advertising

This is an interactive tool which involves targeting local commuters, corporate travellers and tourists. The medium is a platform designed to distribute advertising and marketing material in taxis and metered taxis around the country. An opportunity to showcase products and services to an economically active market at their leisure, offering unparalleled consumer engagement.

Digital billboards

Digital billboards offer brands a repetitive nature and are located at major high-traffic intersections. The media mix also offers clients’ cost-effective reach and frequency. Digital billboards offer customised solutions to targeted audiences and offer brands greater impact, especially considering the time motorists spend travelling. Double-sided display panels direct messages to commuters and pedestrians with a 24-hour turnaround time to change and load a new advert. Reaching 3.5 million viewers daily, a 15-second advertisement is screened 240 or 480 times per day with 54 screens nationwide.

Vehicle branding

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

Vehicle branding provides marketers and advertisers with the opportunity to advertise their brand on a mobile media platform. This mobile option, which reaches various sectors of SA communities, will extend the reach of advertising campaigns already in place. The branding comes in the form of magnetic decals on either side of the vehicle doors.

Printing and design packages

In order to become a one-stop shop when it comes to pamphlet distribution, OtD will offer creative/design and print for local clients.

Point distribution

Point distribution provides a platform for clients to impart educational or promotional information to various sectors such as: schools, colleges/universities, clinics, hospitals, municipalities and sampling (door-to-door). Creates brand awareness, educates and informs consumers. Door-to-door sampling allows the brand into consumers’ homes in a less intrusive way.

Poster erection

Poster erected on street poles on approved streets, council permission obtained. Offer includes with or without backing boards and string. The display of posters purely for commercial advertising is not permitted. Any poster erected or displayed by a person, for a commercial advantage, which relates to a sport, the arts, or a cultural event may be permitted, despite the display of that poster being purely for commercial advertising. "Commercial" meaning there is no wording such as “free”, ”sale”, “book tickets at”, etc. or similar statements are acceptable by council. Posters will be put into frames. Bookings must be sent between 30 to 60 days of the event.

Media intelligence intel

OtD demographic data includes 15.2 million households by region at suburb level providing race, income, language, urban, rural, and total number of households by household type. OtD map info provides all data in a visual representation from store location to selected target market overlapping competitors, selected areas of distribution on media coverage, points of interest, etc. Research includes desk research on trends and analysis by client requirements. Adex reporting by media type by client to assist with competitor analysis. Through client workshops, OtD can assist with strategy around distribution, sales, store locations, competitor analysis, etc. to ensure business optimisation.

Township tours

On the Dot Pamphlets launches multi-channel marketing offering

OtD offers township tours according to client requirements, including event management of the tour. This includes transportation and in-home immersions, affording clients the opportunity to view consumers’ homes and interact with consumers on a one-on-one basis, as well as a cultural experience lunch venue. The tour includes an insightful presentation by knowledgeable industry experts.

28 Jul 2016 13:19


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