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On the Dot is turning twenty-one this October 2015

On the Dot is turning twenty-one this October 2015

Let's take a look at the history of OtD Pamphlets...

  • 1994 Newspaper Leaflet Distributors (NLD) starts its operation in Western and Eastern Cape as distributor for Tygerburger and PE Community Newspapers, adding Spar and Pick n Pay Hypermarket as its first knock-and-drop clients.

  • 1995 Additional community newspapers in Free State and KZN.

  • 1999 NLD opens contractual depots in the provinces, becoming a national player, acquiring PEP as a national client is crucial to the infrastructure growth of NLD. NLD expands across Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. (Later closes down Mozambique.)

  • 2001 NLD24 becomes part of Media24; Media24 trading as NLD. 2001 NLD sets up a sales office in Gauteng and Cape Town, NLD starts to acquire various large national clients including the entire JD Group and are on the path to becoming a very keen player in the leaflet distribution market. Competitors fight back and so a price war commences.

  • 2003 NLD continues to acquire clients and is awarded the GCIS, Vukuzenzele newspaper distribution, a two-year Government tender for the first time.

  • 2004 NLD continues to strengthen with an operational infrastructure that boasts seven regional offices, 25 depots, six over-boarder depots, 299 contractors and over 2,000 runners. NLD starts distribution in Namibia.

  • 2005 NLD is awarded the GCIS, Vukuzenzele newspaper distribution, a one-year Government tender for the second time.

  • 2006 NLD continues to acquire large national clients increasing market share to 32%*, and major competitors begin to show signs of struggle as the price war continues.

  • 2008 NLD changes its name to NLD24. NLD24 joins the Media24 Logistics division. NLD24 focus on their demographics data and implements a mapping system to assist with proposals. NLD24 opens a sales office in KZN.

  • 2009 NLD24 opens a Media Intelligence Department to ensure quality data and accurate demographics, mapping, target marketing, media intelligence and research - a valuable offering to clients and critical for obtaining new business.

  • 2009 On the Dot (OtD) is born. Media24's Logistics Division, consisting of MCS24, NND24, NLD24, On the Dot: Publishers and Agents and On the Dot Electronics and Retail consolidate to form On the Dot. On the Dot is positioned as a strategic media logistics partner within the media industry. OtD operations split national infrastructure into two divisions, national and coastal.

  • 2009 NLD24 now OtD was awarded the GCIS Vukuzenzele tender for the third time. OtD is awarded the Trudon (yellow and white pages telephone directory) distribution for the first time, as well as to distribute Shoppers Friend. Market share increased to 46%*.

  • 2011 OtD Pamphlets initiate marketing activities that include township tours and breakfast sessions with leading industry speakers presenting at events as well as movie premiers to build relationships with clients. Our largest competitor closes its doors and market share increased to 50%.

  • 2012 OtD pamphlets acquire additional national clients, namely Shoprite Gauteng, and now boosts market share up to 64%*. OtD implements more quality control due to increased volumes and appoints additional QC's with a ratio of up to one QC to every four drivers.

  • 2013 OtD builds an integrated transactional system to facilitate MI, Sales, Operations and Finance. The system is called REACH. Distributed a total of 975,651,463 pamphlets for the year - almost one billion, 85 million Community Newspapers and over six million telephone directories.

  • 2014 On the Dot successfully launches REACH. OtD appoints National Risk Manager, OtD launches new services offering including Digital, Mobile and Activations called MCM (Multi Channel Marketing).

  • 2015 OtD is awarded the GCIS, Vukuzenzele magazine distribution, a two-year Government tender for the fourth time. OtD is running successful student programmes. OtD reached the billion mark of copies distributed. MCM continues to grow.
And today we celebrate 21 YEARS enjoying a market share of 74%!*

*Estimated based on internal measurements.

Statement from Rico Brand, General Manager: Pamphlet & Community Newspaper Distribution:

I want to congratulate each and every individual in the OtD Pamphlet and Community Newspaper Division on reaching this milestone. No matter what your role is, be proud of the fact that you form an integral part of this 21-year-long history. It is because of you, and the work that you do, that we have reached this accomplishment. Working with people who are passionate about their jobs, and having a management team that is always prepared to walk the extra mile makes us who we are.

To all our clients - Thank you for trusting us with your product. Thank you for choosing us as your distributor of choice. Thank you for the relationships that you have allowed us to build with you. Without you we would have no business.

Reflecting on the past however is always easy; it is in predicting the future that the challenge lies. But with this team of ours, I look forward to that future.

On the Dot is turning twenty-one this October 2015

6 Oct 2015 13:00


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