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On the Dot demographics 2015

Annually On the Dot Pamphlets visits their depots to ensure data quality and operational efficiencies, this year was no different, although this year the team engaged with all depots but selected a number of depots to be visited to ensure that we have provided our clients with the most up-to-date and accurate data set available.
On the Dot demographics 2015

On the Dot Pamphlets' annual depot started in the Eastern Cape visiting Kokstad, Mthatha, East London and Port Elizabeth depots thereafter they visited the Free State with a visit to the Bloemfontein depot and additional information was processed for the Klerksdorp and Kimberley depots. The next region to be visited was KwaZulu-Natal, visiting Durban, Pongola and Newcastle. After KwaZulu-Natal On the Dot Pamphlets visited Vereeniging and the final region was the Northern region, visiting Polokwane, Tzaneen and Witbank depots.

The goals that were set for this year's depot visits were:
  • Look at our current areas of distribution and to assess any changes that could have occurred over a period of time.
  • Demographic profiling of the areas and we assessed what the general improvements to areas have been, especially in the rise in income levels and thus the gradual rise in an areas LSM over time.
  • Race and language dominance of an area.
  • Number of houses an area currently has compared to the data that was had for the area and assessing where areas have expanded.
  • Operational efficiencies by grouping our distribution areas in a way that allowed us to plan and distribute in the most efficient and cost effective way.
On the Dot demographics 2015


Once our depot visits were complete the data was processed and quality checked, after the final updates were made we were then able to start doing analysis comparing our previous data set to see where the data has changed. This always makes for interesting reading as especially on this occasion we are able to see quite a few areas moving out of the LSM 1 and 2 into 3 and 4.


Total households

Previous data 14,462 distribution areas with a total household count of 14,710,712.

After the depot visits of 2015 we had a total of 14,896 distribution areas, this has risen by 434 (2.91%).

The total house count for South Africa has risen to 15,211,867, this is an increase of 501,115 (3.29%).

Urban and Rural areas

Rise in Rural areas which have increased by 333 areas (4.55%), The Urban areas have also seen an increase of just over 100 (1.33%) areas.


Majority of Black people living in the area have increased by 406 (3.64%) areas in South Africa followed by areas with a majority of Coloured people increasing by 17 (1.98%).

Decreasing numbers of households living under the poverty line

Improvements have been made to the areas which have traditionally fallen under the poverty line, in many of these cases the areas have now been provided with running water and electricity. This has resulted in a rise in the income classification in the "E" Income Group which has seen the number of areas that fall within this classification decrease by 289 areas (17.9%), Similarly, areas classified as being "Strugglers" have decreased by 265 (16.27%).

LSM classification

LSM 1 and 2 groups decreasing by 365 (14.07%) areas and this has resulted in increases of the LSM 3 and 4 by 657 (10.00%).


Predominant language of isiXhosa increasing by 277 (10.10%) followed by isiZulu which has increased by 126 (3.75%).

On the Dot demographics 2015

Our new demographics data set will be made available 28 September and incorporated into our integrated transaction system, REACH, at the same time in order for sales to update all their proposals and give our clients the best and most accurate information.

Dalene Muller, Media Intelligence Manager for On the Dot Pamphlets, would like to thank her team for delivering on our promise. Thank you, Daniel de la Rey, for giving up such precious time with your family to be out on the road for such a long period of time and thank you to the rest of the team that take up the slack while Daniel is away.

Till next year...

1 Oct 2015 11:12


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