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Latest News

Soup kitchen feedback

In support of Mandela Day, 18 July 2015, On the Dot Pamphlets staff did a soup kitchen for On the Dot Runners to show our support and also to thank them.
Johannesburg Depot

Maureen was very humbled by the runners appreciation with the little that they gave them. We are reminded how much we have and thank God for all that you have. Giving back to the runners meant so much to us. There is no us without them.

Brits Depot

Eason was nominated to assist OTD Brits with a soup Kitchen held on the 13th July 2015. It was his 67mins contribution to Mandela Day. Leaving JHB en route to Brits at 04h30, where Jaco arranged the soup and the sandwiches for the +-70 runners. The runners were very happy and had smiles on their faces. Thank you to Jaco for the operational insight and for his leadership at his depot.

Witbank Depot

Conrad and Oubrey visited Witbank depot. A heartfelt expression of "Thanks" for all the hard work, often under testing conditions, to all of OTD's runners and contracted drivers. Keep up the excellent team work!

Durban Depot

The ops and sales team joined by Dee started at about 09h00 with a good attendance, over 130 runners. Contractors and QCs were served with a hot cup of soup and freshly baked buttered rolls. The morning proceeded smoothly with the teams staggering their arrival times and was well received by the attendees, with plenty good food and company for all.

Tzaneen Depot

Mandela Day for Tzaneen was very exciting. We started at 08h30 until 11h30, celebrating the legacy of Nelson Mandela together with runners and drivers. We explained to runners the importance of that day. We served them vetkoeks, chakalaka and coffee, they enjoyed it a lot.


Runners were treated with a cup of coffee and a hotdog roll. They were delighted to have had this treat and were even more excited at the fact that they all received a beanie. All the runners were extremely happy and appreciative for having received this treat.

Vaal Depot

Vangie was very impressed, The runners were very gratefully for what we did for them on the day. This experience was truly grounding and humbling. And to end off - this is something that Andre does regularly, this was not a once off for them!

Well done, all!

Louis Trichard Depot

On arrival at the warehouse the drivers and runners were so surprised. The runners felt so recognised by the company, and they were also asking when is the second session of this kind of event to take place. I would say everybody was overwhelmed, happy about what was happening and they are all looking forward to the next event.

Pretoria Depot

The OtD team in Pretoria held their Mandela day on the 17th of July. All the preparation and the early morning was nothing in comparison to the gratitude and surprise on our runners faces when we handed each one a warm cup of soup and bread to start their day. We had a team whose faces had big warm smiles. Thanks to everyone who assisted in making this day a success. Adele

Pongola Depot

Pongola Depot had a choice of chicken or beef soup, served with fresh bread The OTD team was very happy to hand out and interact with the runners that work so hard, and sometimes get forgotten for the important role they play in our working process They were very thankful with the little gesture OTD gave them. Just shows, a little soup goes a long way.

East Rand Depot

Our Soup Kitchen idea was that we gave 67 minutes to training. We arranged a training session with OTD Quality Assurer (Louis Le Roux) with the training theme being Team Work. We also had a lucky draw during our soup handout where "spot" prices were won.

West Rand Depot

Busi, Nicole, Daniel, OTD Soweto Managers and OTD West Rand Managers were celebrating 67 minutes with the runners on the 15th July 2015... We gave them homemade soup and vetkoek. We gave thanks to all the runners for their help to OTD as a whole.

Cape Town Depot

We've received very positive responses from both the runners and the agents. Most of the runners don't have a meal in the morning and they really appreciated a warm cup of soup as it was freezing cold that particular morning.

It was mentioned that it would have been very nice if we could have done this on a regular basis, instead of only on Mandela day.

Polokwane Depot

The day went well. Runners appreciated the gesture of the soup day, it was a privilege for them because they had a chance to raise their concerns. They asked if we are to do something for them in the future, we wish to buy them takkies.

Port Elizabeth Depot

PE Depot their held Soup Kitchen on 15 July 2015. Their Master Chef Elrich Barendse offered up his day of leave on Tuesday 14 July 2015 to brew a few pots of his most delicious (with secret ingredients and all) soup. On Wednesday morning at 02h00 Elrich Barendse, Sebastian Kammies, Harry Strydom (and wife) reported for kitchen duty.

This was a most successful drive and was extremely appreciated by the drivers and their teams. The soup that was left over was then handed out to Media Logistics by the rest of my team who equally enjoyed the venture. All in all, this was a good venture and I think the teams really enjoyed the hot soup on the cold morning.

Thank you, all!

Soup kitchen feedback

11 Aug 2015 15:44


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