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Eva-Last® is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite building products.
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Turning a house into a home
There's nothing quite like a woman's touch to turn a house into a home. Nowadays, more and more ladies are making major decisions beyond the "soft" interior décor and design of their homes and having their say in their exteriors too. 12 May 2023 Read more

Trends and tech in the building materials market
Urbanisation and sustainable development are key economic drivers leading the global construction industry's post-pandemic recovery. Despite supply-chain stoppages, rising raw material costs and the recessionary effect of rising inflation and interest rates, these two (seemingly) diametrically opposed trends are driving innovation and development in the advanced building materials market. 2 May 2023 Read more

Building for a greener future
Leading international bamboo composite building materials manufacturer Eva-Last is building for a greener future faster than its primary raw material bamboo takes to replenish! 13 Apr 2023 Read more

Trash to treasure for a sustainable built environment
The well-known proverb 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' has never been truer than on Global Recycling Day, Saturday, 18 March 2023. 20 Mar 2023 Read more

Celebrating wildlife
Theodore Roosevelt once said: "The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must, and we will." To do just that, 3 March 2023 was proclaimed as World Wildlife Day. This year's global event will be the 10th anniversary of this initiative, launched by the United Nations General Assembly, to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's plants and animals. 7 Mar 2023 Read more

A new view
According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Experts on the subject say that the new energy in play will be more gentle than the period of high energy and unpredictability that we had to deal with last year, the Year of the Tiger. 9 Feb 2023 Read more

Choosing composite colours that inspire
Whether we are aware of it or not, colour impacts constantly on our lives: from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive and the houses we live in, the colours that surround us affect our moods. 19 Jan 2023 Read more

Composite that doesn't compromise
Today composite technology is highly regarded for its state-of-the-art material innovation to accommodate extreme conditions and demanding applications. With major technological advancements in the sector noted over the past two decades, not only does composite offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly building solution but provides exceptional quality and aesthetic finishes. 30 Nov 2022 Read more

A focus on Infinity
Perhaps the most dramatic showcase for the Infinity range of composite decking can be found at the imposing Aberfoyle Lodge in the eastern highland tea plantations of Zimbabwe. The imposing Arches@Aberfoyle was designed by a leading Zimbabwean architect, and incorporates a suspension bridge design that also includes a viewing deck, art gallery and wedding venue. 10 Nov 2022 Read more

The ultimate outdoor makeover
When a couple looking to modernise their home approached Paige Waplington, director at Redesign Interiors, they had no idea an open brief to improve the outdoor entertainment area would spark such a life-changing property makeover. 26 Oct 2022 Read more

Eva-Last: Environmental to the core
Research has shown that the world's two largest rainforests - the Amazon and the Congo forest - are under threat. Current rates of deforestation, even from legal logging, are unsustainable and will see two of the Earth's most carbon storage zones lose their effectiveness within decades. The adoption of alternative construction materials to reduce demand for natural timber has become an environmental imperative. 19 Sep 2022 Read more

Timber prices are on fire, changing construction forever
Home exterior projects have been found to have the greatest return on investment for homeowners - far more than any interior improvements - according to a Zonda value report released in 2021. The most common way to improve the look and feel of a property is to install a deck, walkway or pergola. 18 Aug 2022 Read more

Lifespan creates the framework for new architectural possibilities
We live in an age where technological advancements have revolutionised architecture from design to construction. Whether it is 3D printing models to prove design concepts, developing highly engineered materials fit for purpose or adopting modular building as the next step in efficiency, the built world around us is becoming more creative and flexible. 22 Jul 2022 Read more

Tier flooring has infused home decor with incredible technology
When we think of advanced technology in our homes, the floors under our feet are probably the last thing that come to mind. From ceramic tiles to carpets and even hardwoods, flooring materials tend to be taken for granted in doing their mundane jobs. Tier flooring has come out and smashed these preconceptions by introducing building materials that are packed with leading technology - literally wall to wall. 11 Jul 2022 Read more

Hulk Fasteners provide invisible strength to composite boards
The rapidly expanding market for composite decking and building materials has been driven by incredible advancements in technology. Where natural timber used to be the preferred material for aesthetically pleasing features such as decks, composites have superseded wood in both longevity of appearance and structural performance. 5 Jul 2022 Read more

Piotr Kiszkurno joins Eva-Last as chief financial officer
Global building materials group Eva-Last has made another high-profile appointment with the addition of Piotr Kiszkurno as chief financial officer. Kiszkurno brings 25 years of experience in operations, business development and strategic leadership at JSE and LSE AIM-listed companies to the Eva-Last executive team. 22 Jun 2022 Read more

Eva-Last introduces the Chain Collated decking clip to its Hulk Fasteners range in South Africa
While advancements in technology have raised the level of structural performance and longevity of decking boards to decades, there was one component of every installation that struggled to cope with harsh environments - the fasteners. 14 Jun 2022 Read more

Eva-Last celebrates its birthday in alignment with global sustainability treaty
In March 2022, United Nations member states - including South Africa - endorsed a historic resolution at the UN Environmental Assembly. This resolution will see a treaty to end plastic pollution in place by 2024. 22 Apr 2022 Read more

Why the wood vs composite debate is really no contest
Humans have used wood to make tools, weapons, structures and homes for thousands of years. Timber's versatility, strength and enduring aesthetic attraction have meant that even as technologies in other aspects of our lives have improved in leaps and bounds, we still love our social and living spaces to have a natural look. 22 Feb 2022 Read more

Feel the love around you
February is designated as the month of love. Recognising that many people also love their homes and the beautiful products that enhance their lives, building materials group Eva-Last would like to celebrate the creation of the building blocks of comfort, joy and happiness in our living and work environments. 14 Feb 2022 Read more

How to tell if you have a solid building materials warranty
As the building materials market has become more diverse and competitive, manufacturers have jostled to provide the longest warranty terms to entice buyers. Though new technologies and materials are undoubtedly improving product performance in leaps and bounds, warranties should not all be taken at face value and customers should take the time to scrutinise what is really being offered. 7 Feb 2022 Read more

Composite materials turning entertainment areas from dreams to reality
The advancement of building materials has transformed not only the look and feel of modern aesthetic designs but the structural capabilities of the materials themselves, opening up new possibilities for homeowners. 1 Dec 2021 Read more

How to make living spaces truly come alive
There are many definitions of 'green' as it pertains to buildings, but the latest sustainable lifestyle trend toward living walls and living roofs has the ultimate credentials in low-impact living. Rather than being quite literally a statement façade, there are sound reasons for bringing plants into our architectural designs. 25 Oct 2021 Read more

COVID-19 has had an impact on landscaping trends
Lockdown restrictions and reluctance of the public to gather in confined spaces have led to some significant changes in the way we work, live and play. One notable trend, that is aligned with the work-from-home ethos over the last 18 months, is landscaping; where entertaining at home has pushed designs toward functionality. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

Sustainable building materials group Eva-Last supports World Environmental Health Day
The International Federation of Environmental Health, the London-based global organisation for environmental health professionals, declared 26 September to be World Environmental Health Day in 2011. 20 Sep 2021 Read more

Spring Month is Green Month - Preserve Our Trees!
In South Africa, September celebrates a number of significant events including Arbor Week, with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRR) acting as the country's champion of indigenous forests and trees. 13 Sep 2021 Read more

Spring Cleaning your Deck for Summer
With summer on our doorstep, this is the time of year when your deck will be used the most. South Africans love to enjoy the outdoors and entertain at home, but even with high foot traffic and activity a composite deck can be returned to first-day appearance in just a few quick minutes. 1 Sep 2021 Read more

Celebrating Women in the Building Materials Industry
The construction, building materials and engineering fields have for years carried with them the stigma of being male-dominated industries. For three women working at building materials group Eva-Last, however, passion is purpose and outdated perceptions will not stand in their way. 5 Aug 2021 Read more

Fire Up Your Outdoor Inspiration
Fire pits come in many traditional designs and materials but they all serve the same purpose - to provide aesthetic viewing pleasure and functional warmth to any outdoor entertainment area. Whether winter or summer, an outdoor fire pit puts everyone in a relaxed and comfortable frame of mind. 29 Jul 2021 Read more

Beautiful durability - Lifespan versatile composite architectural beams
Exposed posts, beams and trusses have been used for centuries to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional features to architecture - particularly for vaulted ceilings. Though the traditional materials used for such architectural framing included hardwoods, their weight, susceptibility to decay and environmental impact have encouraged architects to look for sustainable alternatives. 22 Jul 2021 Read more