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Payflex is a revolutionary online payment product that enables online shoppers to buy now and pay later, at 0% interest. No debt. No fees. No catch.
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JanuWorry debts drive demand in SA for split payments with no interest
January - or JanuWorry as it is known - is extremely stressful for many South Africans faced with the consequences of festive season holiday splurges and back to school costs. South Africans, who are amongst the world's worst savers, face additional financial pressure as unemployment rates soar, the cost of living continues to rise and Covid's impact on the economy takes its toll. 20 Jan 2022 Read more

Fintech leader's predictions of SA's payments landscape
The silver lining of the Covid pandemic for many businesses has been the acceleration of online shopping in South Africa. Faced with fewer choices, shoppers adopted new spending habits. They also embraced new payment options, like interest-free buy now pay later (BNPL) offered by Payflex. 27 Jul 2021 Read more

How the e-commerce share of retail soared over the last year in SA
E-commerce has gone from strength to strength in South Africa over the past year off the back of the Covid-19 global pandemic and rapidly accelerated digitisation. 20 May 2021 Read more

Brand refresh positions Payflex as market leader in SA BNPL space
Digital part-payment platform Payflex has announced a brand refresh amid a rapidly changing payments market. Payflex partnered with creative design agency The King James Group on the relaunch. 18 May 2021 Read more

South African consumers are under immense pressure amid record unemployment rates and rising cost of living as the cost of coronavirus pandemic to the economy becomes clearer. 29 Apr 2021 Read more

SA fintech startup funded by major international buy-now-pay-later player
With international investment in South Africa having drastically reduced, homegrown fintech startup Payflex has scored a significant vote of confidence from an Australian-listed multinational. 22 Apr 2021 Read more

International buy-now-and-pay-later interest-free phenomenon arrives in South Africa
South Africans can now shop online and pay later, interest-free over six weeks. 30 Mar 2021 Read more

How a year of lockdown reshaped online retail
Empty supermarket shelves. Eerily quiet streets and shopping malls. Closed airports. Just silence and fear. 26 Mar 2021 Read more

Small habits that can make a big impact on your finances in 2021
Changing behaviour is never easy. However, implementing good financial habits can create new behaviours, which, in turn, can secure our financial future and enhance our lives. This is particularly significant since habits account for about 40% of our behaviours on any given day. 29 Jan 2021 Read more

Tech reinvents retail in 2021
Agility, flexibility and rich online shopping experiences are set to be among the key trends driving retail in the significantly reshaped retail landscape of 2021. 26 Jan 2021 Read more