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An Opportunity for Emerging Entrepreneurs to Expand to Africa.
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Strategy lessons from my 30km Desert Bush WalkAs my friends witnessed my daily struggle with pain, grieving the loss of someone close to my heart, they felt helpless. The powerful force of the anguish made me feel like I was in a sinkhole; the more I tried to power up, the deeper I sank. In the hope of helping me heal, one of them invited me to participate in the 30km Desert Bush Walk. 28 Aug 2019 Read more

SMMEs need educationAbsence of an enabling environment, lack of financial support, weak economic infrastructure, and lack of policy coherence for small business support need to be addressed quickly if small businesses are not to fall far behind their counterparts in other parts of the world. 22 Aug 2019 Read more

Unlocking the entrepreneurial mindset for exponential successMushambi's talks are for entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders who want to level up, achieve positive growth on the African continent and unlock a sustainable future. This particular talk will frame the narrative on how attendees can leverage both entrepreneurship and technology for their growth and success. There are tried and tested tools for success including the power of storytelling, developing grit, rooting ones purpose and leverage technologies power for growth and traction. 16 Aug 2019 Read more

Igniting social entrepreneurshipWith specific reference to real estate 13 Aug 2019 Read more

A conversation with Yanina Dubeykovskaya1. In one line give a description of what you do, your project (what are you busy with?).

We are unifying women from different countries to make the global gender agenda more balanced, less competitive with man. We need women influence based on authenticity and differences.
 6 Aug 2019 Read more

The African Entrepreneurs ConferenceLeon Lategan is the founder and brand innovator at The Lions Den; an education and training organisation making inroads to help younger entrepreneurs. The objectives of the Lion Den's strategy towards Entrepreneurs, is to support youth-led survivalist companies to scale-up their businesses, by addressing the challenges they face with managing their brand. 30 Jul 2019 Read more

The link between education and entrepreneurshipIt's not a link, it's a relationship! When do you decide you want to be an entrepreneur? 23 Jul 2019 Read more

Doing business in Africa - influence of cultureAs an African woman who was born and raised in a rural area, my first real experience of urban life only came after I earned my Bachelor's Degree and started my career. My rural upbringing was my window on the world - I looked through it to see how other people lived, which influenced my view of the world and how people relate to each other in it. It didn't take me long to realise that the way people live in rural areas is very different to life in a big city. In the former, culture is largely responsible for guiding how people relate to one other; traditional norms and values are woven into people's belief systems. On the other hand, the city is all about modern society, where even children have the right to do whatever they believe is right from their perspective, and discipline is a far cry from the corporal punishment that I grew up with. 19 Jul 2019 Read more