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Location Bank and Vicinity Media have joined forces to improve ‘real world locations’ through their Winter Warmer Drive
Location Bank and Vicinity Media are well known for making magic in the location space in the digital world - this winter we decided to improve the lives of the less fortunate in the real world with our Winter Warmer Drive. 4 Jul 2024 Read more

Ready to be heard? Rate service delivery in your area - Your feedback matters!
Are you ready to shake things up and make a real impact on your city? We've got something exciting brewing that's going to turn heads and make waves across Gauteng and Western Cape! 10 Apr 2024 Read more

Reflecting on a year of remarkable milestones: Location Bank's 2023 journey
As we move further into February, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements of 2023 at Location Bank! 15 Feb 2024 Read more

Navigating the evolution of local search
We are thrilled to announce that Location Bank India’s director, Dhaval Doshi has been selected as a judge for the prestigious APAC Search Awards, recognising excellence in search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This recognition reaffirms Location Bank’s position as a leader in the local search industry, despite the business being just over two years old in India. 18 Jan 2024 Read more

Elevate your branch's performance with iFeedback
Have you ever pondered the secret behind some branches consistently outshining the competition? The answer is simple yet powerful - the art of feedback! 25 Oct 2023 Read more

iFeedback: Enhancing customer loyalty in restaurants - the key to repeat business
In the ever-evolving culinary landscape, keeping your menu fresh, avoiding waste and appealing to a diverse clientele can be a challenge and guessing your way out of it is not even worth the thought. 12 Oct 2023 Read more

Manage your reputation. Manage your local SEO
Across almost every consumer-facing industry, from travel and hospitality services to healthcare, online reviews have become an essential part of digital marketing and reputation management. 17 Aug 2022 Read more

Accurately understanding return on investment is the holy grail of marketing
Location Bank has always considered return on investment to be the ultimate goal of marketing, so we have always put our clients' ROI at the centre of our efforts. 11 Aug 2022 Read more

Location Bank: The Year In Location
Location Bank has seen tremendous growth over the past year, not only within our business but for our clients as well. 23 Feb 2022 Read more

Posts that'll win you more customers
It's without a doubt that an active online presence contributes significantly to any business' relevance, visibility and brand awareness. Additionally, it means your business stays connected to its current and potential customers. 14 Jan 2022 Read more

Location Bank: in the business of helping yours
A brand's reputation supersedes them and influences most consumers' buying decisions. Positive sentiment is bound to boost your online presence and contribute to increasing sales revenue. 3 Dec 2021 Read more

Helping the real estate industry move forward click to brick
Location Bank consistently delivers on its promise: to take any brand's digital footprint from one-star to rockstar status every time. One of the leading property and real estate companies in Southern Africa is a testament to this. 9 Nov 2021 Read more

No more running on empty for this client's digital presence
A national fuel company signed up for Location Bank's expert help to assist with their online presence management, location accuracy and search visibility for over 400 of their physical service-stations. 1 Oct 2021 Read more

Amplified digital presence with newest Location Bank endpoint
Near Me is an innovative endpoint that offers highly location-targeted functionality for users with purchase intent. The native microapp enables users to discover nearby locations, promotions, weather, traffic & reviews as they scroll through top mobile publisher sites. 30 Aug 2021 Read more

Store locator case study: 127,500 more views in 90 days
Location Bank ensures brands have identical data across the digital universe and their own store locator. Such clean and consistent data has major local SEO benefits. 30 Jun 2021 Read more

Better the way you do business with location level, confidential customer insights
Focus group surveying is an effective marketing tool, but traditional methods are incredibly time-intensive and costly. iFeedback is an online survey tool that digitises and streamlines the whole focus-group process, giving location-level customer feedback (not general overviews!) to questions custom-designed by you, the brand expert.
 14 May 2021 Read more

This quick service restaurant's secret sauce? Location Bank!
On the menu for this quick service restaurant? More clicks. More customers. Better profits. 4 Mar 2021 Read more

Publishing inaccurate information across the digital ecosystem is like taking 5 steps back!
It's one thing to create a wide presence across all digital endpoints so users can find you anywhere they search. But it's an entirely different story trying to ensure this presence is accurate and consistent from one endpoint to the next. What you need is expert help. 10 Feb 2021 Read more

Cellular client case study shows store visits up by 71%
Our expertise dramatically boosted physical store visits for our cellular sector client 15 Jan 2021 Read more

How to leverage online locations for real-world returns
True ROI for your brand with our expertise 4 Dec 2020 Read more

Our Google partnership gets your business noticed online
We're excited to announce that Location Bank recently became a Google My Business partner. Thanks to direct Google My Business API integration with the Location Bank platform, we can quickly and efficiently help our local clients create a successful, verified Google My Business listing. 13 Nov 2020 Read more

Want to outrank your competitors in search results?
Be TOP of mind for local shoppers

Consider these stats... 84% of shoppers do research online before buying offline, while 71% of customers confirm locations online before visiting a real-world business for the first time. 4 Nov 2020 Read more

Convert passive shoppers into active buyers
What underpins the conversion of passive to active? Digital location management leads to offline buying, says Sebastian Krogh, Business Development Manager at Location Bank. 31 Aug 2020 Read more

Could these two local SEO errors be losing you money?
Shoppers today are increasingly tech-savvy. In fact, 84% of shoppers are researching products and services online before buying offline. If your brand isn't in the results when a customer searches for something you offer, you're losing out on a sale and the chance to connect with a customer. Time to address this... 29 Jul 2020 Read more

Let's tap into trust...
Why do our Location Bank experts focus on customer review management? It's simple. Trust in a product or service is a major motivating factor for choosing one brand over another. Before buying offline, consumers look online for other consumers' reviews, because these are seen as unbiased and trustworthy - unlike an advert, where the goal is to place the product or service in the best light possible. 22 Jul 2020 Read more

Location Bank releases industry leading insights and ROI dashboard
Location Bank recently announced the release of an integrated Rank Tracking and ROI dashboard within their proprietary location management platform. 21 May 2020 Read more

Solutions in unusual times
The Covid-19 pandemic means that pretty much nothing is business as usual. Customers are concerned about how businesses are adapting to the situation - wondering if you're open, have product available, if those products are safe and what your Covid-19 business message is. 9 Apr 2020 Read more

What Google's year in search tells us about South African search behaviour
Google recently released their annual Year in Search findings highlighting what we as a country, continent and planet have been asking Google in 2019. Analysing different countries indicates not only what the hot topics were, but how each country uses search. 31 Jan 2020 Read more

Win the retail war this Black Friday!
According to Google, 'Where to buy' searches such as "Where to buy gifts" and "Where to buy toys" have grown by more than 85% in the last two years. Consumers are turning, in increasing numbers, to Google and other online platforms to start the shopping process. 7 Nov 2019 Read more

Location Bank pays big dividend
At Location Bank we are obsessive about data integrity across the online world, and absolute consistency in things like NAP (Name, Address, Phone) on all digital platforms. 1 Oct 2019 Read more

Location Bank launches, big brands invest
After a successful launch in June, Location Bank has added over 1,500 new locations under management during its first month of active trading. 16 Aug 2019 Read more

Say hello to Location Bank
Business Positioning Systems (BPS) has rebranded! 14 Jun 2019 Read more

Websites are vanity. Digital platforms are sanity
All big brands invest heavily in their websites. Employing award-winning talent to build engaging sites that bring their brand promise to life. And most of these are very impressive...for the few people a day that go to them. 29 Apr 2019 Read more

Say WhatsApp to sharing your brand locations accurately
We all know WhatsApp, the cross-platform instant messaging service, is one of the most popular social platforms on earth, one of the Silicon Valley unicorns that have changed the way we live and communicate. 25 Feb 2019 Read more

Your online reputation precedes you
In today's digital world your online reputation is everything. Potential clients have plenty of reviews to trawl through and if existing clients are unhappy they have plenty of outlets to let it be known and to share their experience. Unflattering reviews, pictures, half-truths or lies can be posted and spread instantly. 29 Oct 2018 Read more

National growth at Business Positioning Systems
Leading digital location management company Business Positioning Systems (BPS) has announced two new appointments to their rapidly growing business development team. The new recruits have joined on the back of the release of BPS's Location Bank tool, that allows location management across the digital landscape from a single platform. 7 Aug 2018 Read more

Waze and Uber join BPS's Location Bank
Business Positioning Systems' (BPS) Location Bank is a centralised database or 'point of truth' for location data that ensures a brand's locations are perfectly accurate across the digital landscape, all from one central platform. 15 May 2018 Read more

Google has just given every consumer a soapbox... and a loudhailer
Google Q&A is a crowdsourced FAQ feature which allows users to ask the Google community any questions about any businesses listed on Google My Business (GMB). These questions and answers appear directly in the Google Search Results Page meaning the entire Google community can impact your search real estate, your brand's reputation and ultimately your sales. 14 Mar 2018 Read more

Google's top 'Near Me' searches 2017 (and what they mean for marketers)
Every year Google releases its highly anticipated list of top searches for the past 12 months. In 2017, amid searches for events, politicians, personalities and moments, a set of consumer behaviours emerged. 8 Feb 2018 Read more

Pitfalls of in-house digital location management
At BPS we often encounter clients who initially believe they can handle their digital location management in-house, not fully appreciating the complexity of combining hundreds (or thousands) of locations with a multitude of platforms, each with a variety of standards and technologies. 19 Jan 2018 Read more

Google My Business posts - Making campaign communication at a local level a reality
Communicating with users looking for your business locations or type of business near them just got easier and way more powerful. 16 Nov 2017 Read more

Location data you can bank on
As a brand with multiple real-world locations you know you need to be listed, and completely accurately, on a number of digital platforms that convert online traffic to foot traffic. You also may know that managing just one such end point, for example Google My Business, is a massive task that requires not only major expertise, but also plenty of time. 2 Oct 2017 Read more

Google Maps release Promoted Pins - another reason your data better be 100% accurate
Search giant Google recently made a number of mapping product announcements. One of these was that users will soon see branded pins along their route on Google maps. These ‘Promoted Pins' will initially be limited to brands using Google's AdWords location extension feature. 5 Jul 2017 Read more

Local search optimisation boosts organic search results
It's fast becoming common knowledge that a local search strategy is a must-have for any multi-location business looking to maximise real-world foot traffic through their online presence. 20 Jun 2017 Read more

New business wins at Business Positioning Systems
Digital location management specialist Business Positioning Systems (BPS) has announced a number of new business wins. In the last six weeks, BPS has added Auto Pedigree, Domino's Pizza, Supa Quick and Shoprite Liquor/Checkers Liquor to their growing list of blue chip clients. 10 Jul 2015 Read more

The state of digital location data in South Africa
The physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. Today there is an almost seamless transition from digital interaction to physical transaction - how often do you search on your phone before shopping? According to BPS (Business Positioning Systems), any business with physical locations needs to replicate their physical footprint across all relevant digital platforms. 1 Jun 2015 Read more

Business Positioning Systems releases Gauge - reporting for Google My Business/Places
BPS has announced the launch of Gauge, a reporting product that provides clients with monthly performance and ROI on their Google My Business/Places listings. 26 Mar 2015 Read more

Business Positioning Systems welcomes new Head of Sales
Leading location-based search company Business Positioning Systems (BPS) is pleased to announce the addition of Buster Pitt to its team as Head of Sales. 16 Feb 2015 Read more

New entrant to UK restaurant sector dominates local search
Spur, the South African-based family restaurant and steakhouse chain, may have a relatively small physical footprint in the UK but it is punching above its weight in terms of digital strategy. Although the chain has only eight locations, you'd think it has many more based on its Google My Business Locations presence. 22 Oct 2014 Read more

BPS focus on core strength, leading the way in local search optimisation
For five years Business Positioning Systems (BPS) has operated across a range of location-based mobile media. Now after a venture capital deal, the company has spun out its mobile advertising arm, allowing BPS to focus on its core competency in the local search arena. 21 Oct 2014 Read more

Business Positioning Systems drive consumers to BP's fuels pumps
Location based media company Business Positioning Systems (BPS), in association with leading media agency Mindshare, have over the last 12 months built and optimised BPs digital footprint, driving consumers to the pumps, and in store. 28 Aug 2014 Read more

Business Positioning Systems (BPS) launches Vicinity Mobile Ad Network with true proximity targeting
The days of blind mobile networks cornering the SA mobile media landscape are finally over. Business Positioning Systems (BPS), co-founded by Neil Clarence and Daryl Van Arkel, are proud to announce the launch of Vicinity, a mobile advertising network that offers true proximity targeting to advertisers. 9 Apr 2014 Read more

Nedbank partners with BPS and outranks the rest
Nedbank has comissioned Google Places Optimisation specialists Business Positioning Systems (BPS) to manage the performance of its virtual footprint on Google Places. 4 Feb 2014 Read more

Telmap hits 1,000,000 downloads in SA just in time for the festive season usage spike
As of end November Telmap and BPS are delighted to release that download numbers have reached the magical 1,000,000 mark! This marks a milestone in the industry leading app's lifetime. Over the last 15 months Telmap has delivered unmatchable results off a relatively small base - having delivered CTR's of over 5% and conversions of up to 45%. With Telmap coming pre-installed on Samsung devices as well as being marketed Vodacom this user base is surging strongly into the festive season when usage traditionally spikes by around 120%. 4 Dec 2013 Read more

You must have been a very good media strategist...
Because this festive season we're giving you 8% CTR and a 40% acquisition rate! 5 Nov 2013 Read more

Telmap Navigator - get better results than your current digital platform or you get your spend back!
Telmap Navigator, the award winning navigation app is providing unrivaled advertiser results. 22 Apr 2013 Read more

Telmap Navigator launches in SA, goes to no 1 app. KFC, BP and Nando's see huge benefit
Location based media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems (BPS) continued to offer clients massive advertising value from various navigation solutions, when a host of brands where given "Branded Widgets" on the Telmap Navigator home screen and "Carousel" which launched on 1 July. 14 Sep 2012 Read more

Cell C Xplorer (Telmap powered) launches with a host of Business Positioning Systems clients aboard
Leading Location Based Media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems (BPS) continued to offer clients massive advertising value from various navigation solutions, when a host of their key clients where given "Branded Widgets" on the Cell C Xplorer platform powered by Telmap. 26 Apr 2012 Read more

Google advertising juggernaut... driving consumers to your branch (not just your website)
In its ever-evolving quest for relevance, search/advertising giant Google is placing huge focus on the user's current (or future) location. Google now displays results based on search, with corresponding Google Places results (physical places where users can find their search results in the real world). 15 Mar 2012 Read more

BP gets "Pumped up for Summer" with Business Positioning Systems and Location Point Advertising
Ogilvy Interactive and mobile ad agency, 7 Different Kinds of Smoke, continued to deliver stellar results for clients; with leading petroleum company BP being the first petroleum retailer to experience first-hand how Location Based Marketing and LocationPoint Advertising in particular can boost a campaign. 8 Feb 2012 Read more

Steers use Location Point Advertising to target 'on the go' consumers
Steers is one of South Africa's leading quick service restaurant brands, with a reputation for restaurant quality food, prepared quickly for consumer convenience. As convenience is a major consumer requirement when selecting a fast food option, Steers recently added a location based media element to their recent Oreo ice cream promotion. 7 Feb 2012 Read more

After three weeks of intense judging activity, the shortlist for the 2011 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards has been announced. 10 Oct 2011 Read more

Yes it's a bold statement, but its true. Firstly lets quickly define what Google Places is as opposed to Google Maps or Earth. Google Places is simply the name that Google has given to the location relevant part of search and comprises Maps and Earth. 27 Jun 2011 Read more

Leading Location Based Media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems(BPS), hits it out the park for Spur Steak Ranches and Panarotti's Pizza Pasta in the Month of December with the restaurant group's most successful digital campaign to date. 23 May 2011 Read more

During December and January 2011, Visa offered individuals the chance to win flights to any global destination by simply swiping their Visa cards at South Africa's international airports. 29 Mar 2011 Read more