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Our SEO and Social strategies are World-class and are results driven - whether it's a campaign for corporates or creating a bespoke offering for SMME's or niche businesses. With over 15 years' experience we guarantee page one rankings in month one.
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Yoray NarainpersadIt's heading towards that time of the year when all e-commerce website owners tend to adjust their website in efforts to drive more traffic and increase sales. This results in testing different strategies, from beautifying their online store to testing out new marketing approaches. One strategy to take note of is to increase our store's visibility on search engines via SEO. 5 Oct 2017 Read more

Yoray NarainpersadMany businesses are of the notion that their website is working well for them, especially when it boils down to their SEO. For example, if a business sells toys for children, they would assume that if someone searches for 'kids toys' in Google and their website appears number one, then their SEO is excellent. It may be so, for that keyword, but there are definitely hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords that they are missing out on. 20 Jul 2011 Read more

Yoray NarainpersadTest everything, assume nothing! This is one of the core values that I live by, especially when it comes to generating online sales. The reason being is that I have learnt that after all these years on the internet, you just never know what strategy or angle is going to work best for you until you test it. This applies even to your star-performing strategies, because there's always room for improvement. 13 May 2011 Read more

Yoray NarainpersadIf you really want your website to work for you then the first thing you need to know is: no keyword research means no SEO! Why? Because keywords are the cornerstones of SEO and, trying to promote a website without having the right keywords brings no results. 24 Feb 2011 Read more

Yoray NarainpersadI have used Google Analytics (GA) for years now to accurately analyse the performance of my SEO efforts. And for those that don't know - GA is a free tool that tracks information about the way visitors to your site interact with it. 21 Jan 2011 Read more

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