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We provide digital verification and payment solutions that empower businesses to onboard new customers with complete confidence. Keeping customer journeys optimised, fraudsters deterred, and revenue streams strong is our mission.
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Using smart digital solutions to combat financial fraud in the insurance sector in South Africa
The insurance sector in South Africa serves as a vital component of the country's economy, offering financial protection to individuals and businesses. However, this industry is not immune to the pervasive threat of financial fraud. With the advent of technology and evolving fraudulent techniques, insurance companies in South Africa face mounting risks. 23 Jun 2023 Read more

EasyDebit wins the 2023 Sentech Africa Tech Week Digital Transformation Award
Africa Tech's Digital Transformation Award recognises companies that have embraced digital transformation and driven innovation in their industries. We are proud to announce that this year, EasyDebit is the winner; having come out on top of an illustrious category comprising the likes of ABSA and the SABC. Africa Tech Week is an eagerly anticipated annual event that showcases the latest innovations, technology trends, and promising startups in Africa. This event attracts tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from across the continent. 26 May 2023 Read more

Never lose a sale with real-time ID verification
Retail credit in South Africa in the form of store cards - specifically in the clothing sector - is the most inclusive in terms of demographics, gender and age within the overall credit industry. In addition, store cards are a point of entry into the larger wealth creating credit market - with 25% of card holders progressing into the secured lending space and more than 50% going on to qualify for cell phone contracts and insurance products, according to a report by IT-Online and this makes them an important part of the economic growth cycle. 15 Mar 2023 Read more

Strike Date Optimisation: The crystal ball for successful payment collection
With Strike Date Optimisation, businesses now have access to their personal crystal ball and can protect themselves against failed collections by accurately identifying when clients will have funds in their accounts. 14 Feb 2023 Read more

5 tips to create New Year's resolutions for businesses in 2023
We're sure that you've made decisions regarding your personal New Year's resolutions, but have you taken the time to contemplate what resolutions are best suited for your business in 2023? 12 Jan 2023 Read more

The role of biometrics in business onboarding processes
Innovative biometric technology has streamlined business onboarding processes by saving time and reducing the costs related to manual onboarding procedures. 9 Nov 2022 Read more

Why implementing fraud prevention methods is crucial during an economic downturn
'It won't happen to us' - the famous last words of every business without an effective fraud risk management strategy in place. It may seem unbelievable, but many businesses still have this attitude. It is imperative that business owners learn the reality of the situation; fraud can happen to anyone at any time. Unfortunately, because the high-profile incidents most frequently make headlines in recent times, many smaller businesses think that they can remain undetected by fraudsters and unaffected by fraudulent activity. This is simply not the case. In this day and age, it should be evident to all organisations that they are at risk of fraud, regardless of their size, the value of their offerings, or the state of the economy. In fact, while fraud can occur at any time, the risks are heightened at times of economic downturn. 5 Oct 2022 Read more

Fraud on the rise in the long-term insurance industry: Here's how to protect your organisation
With the incidence of long-term insurance fraud soaring during the course of the past year, insurers are looking for a solution that protects not only their business, but also their clients. EasyDebit provides that solution in the form of a far-reaching digital safety net. 5 Sep 2022 Read more

Why digital identity verification is the way of the future
The ever-progressive digital world has very quickly crept its way into the everyday processes of businesses. Don't be left behind as consumers turn to businesses meeting their digital needs. 31 Aug 2022 Read more

The impact data breaches have on the individual - and what this means for businesses
You change your password regularly, you make a point of avoiding public networks, and you'd never do anything so silly as to use the name of your first dog or your birthday as a password. All of which means your data should be pretty safe, right? Not quite, says Junior Biola of Bitventure. 21 Jul 2022 Read more

Bitventure expands their offering by acquiring EasyDebit
Johannesburg-based fintech company Bitventure, a provider of state-of-the-art real-time automated verification and payment solutions, has acquired industry-leading smart payment provider EasyDebit. 25 May 2022 Read more

How businesses are streamlining the collection process with SDO and DebiCheck's real-time mandate approval
Strike Date Optimisation (SDO) and DebiCheck are two vital tools for improving the efficiency of a business's financial management strategy. Both services provide companies with real-time, unique benefits, including automation, flexibility, and reduced fraud, not to mention, both are fully integrated into all major South African banks. Each benefit plays a role in streamlining the payment collection process between companies and their customers, clients, or members, equipping your business with a comprehensive payment solution. 28 Mar 2022 Read more

eRICA and its role in customer onboarding
The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act, often shortened to the Related Information Act or RICA, is the legislation that governs the interception of communications within South Africa. Coming into effect in 2005, the RICA processes were initially completed manually, though, over the years of technological progression, RICA has taken a paperless and contactless approach, becoming what is currently known as eRICA. Alongside eKYC and eFICA processes, businesses can now use eRICA to quickly and securely onboard new customers remotely, with a vastly reduced risk of fraud. 2 Mar 2022 Read more

KYC in the digital world
Know your customer, or KYC, is an essential business tool for identifying fraudulent activity before it becomes a threat to a company's finances and reputation. Unfortunately, the traditional KYC verification methods no longer have a place in a progressively digital business environment. Thankfully, in the current day and age eKYC services are readily available - a cutting-edge approach ensuring that fraudulent activity is evaded with real-time automated solutions. eKYC services are accompanied by two others: eRICA and eFICA, all of which equip a company to efficiently manage identity theft and account fraud and high-risk customers. 14 Jan 2022 Read more

The urgency of PEP screening for AML compliance in business
The emergence of the digital era has increased the efficiency of criminal activities, making it essential for businesses to revamp their fraud and money laundering defence strategies - and Politically Exposed Person Screening, often referred to as PEP Screening, is just one of many steps in the approach to safeguarding your business. This process is an essential combative measure used when onboarding and establishing business relationships with PEPs in order to maintain Anti-Money Laundering compliance, also known as AML compliance, and effectively protect business from financial crime. 23 Nov 2021 Read more

The future of FICA: How electronic FICA (eFICA) is impacting businesses
FICA compliance assists businesses with mitigating financial and reputational risk in an age where money laundering and consumer fraud is an ever-rising concern. The FICA process ensures that credit is being extended to legitimate customers who are who they say they are. Verification of various data points allows businesses the opportunity to know their customers, and have data at hand with which to make informed, risk-based, onboarding decisions. 7 Oct 2021 Read more

How education institutions can seamlessly switch to DebiCheck by choosing the right TPPP
Education institutions in South Africa are migrating cash payments to DebiCheck in an effort to upgrade tuition collection processes and meet revenue goals. 21 Jun 2021 Read more

How to create safer e-commerce marketplaces for shoppers
E-commerce marketplaces face a unique threat: marketplace seller fraud - a saboteur of shopper trust. Through empowering sellers to transact directly with shoppers, a direct stream is created that is greatly beneficial to both parties. However, that same stream can easily become tarnished by fraud, because where there is a lack of robust verification, anybody and everybody can register as a seller. 17 May 2021 Read more

Planet Fitness makes the smart move in partnering with Bitventure for the latest payment and onboarding technologies
Market-leading gym group, Planet Fitness, announced that it has adopted the latest in smart payment collection technologies for enhanced management of membership payments. This has transformed new member enrollment into a remarkably quick and seamless process and improved its collection success rates. 26 Jan 2021 Read more

Six technologies for enhanced fraud risk management
In the age of digital transformation, fraud risk management methods are ripe for reinvention. Businesses are incorporating multiple levels of tech-driven defense methods and systems. Such software systems are geared towards the accumulation of verified customer data with which to manage risk effectively. 30 Oct 2020 Read more

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