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Publicly breastfeeding challenges entrenched gender dynamicsDespite the fact that South Africa has a 30-year history of actively promoting breastfeeding through government campaigns, successfully leading to increased rates of breastfeeding in the country, attitudes towards breastfeeding in public often provoke heated reactions. Mothers are left uncomfortable and humiliated, while their babies are deprived of the nutritional and bonding benefits in the process. 20 Jul 2018 Read more

Key insights on fatherhood in South Africa"There is no typical father in South Africa". So begins the introduction of the inaugural State of SA's Fathers Report(1). Released by Sonke Gender Justice (Sonke) and the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), the report provides insights into the status quo of fatherhood in South Africa, highlighting the importance of father involvement in family life, irrespective of marital or residence status. The traditional and somewhat restricted definition of 'father' as being defined by biological connection and living with a child is redefined and realistically expanded to reflect South African culture in the report. This shows fatherhood beyond simplistic models of the so-called norm of the nuclear family, encompassing the entire spectrum of fatherhood from social fathers such as maternal and paternal uncles, grandfathers, older brothers, to mother's partners who play a role in providing livelihood, education, guidance and paternal love. 20 Jul 2018 Read more

Avoiding guilt and other self-inflicted conditions as a parentAmanda Rogaly lives her life by five key principles: 30 May 2018 Read more

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