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about us
Berge Farrell is a strategically driven design and branding consultancy.
We believe that insightful design can, and should, create competitive advantage.
Engaging with the market context that design functions in, and the challenges relative to the business issue driving a brief, allows us to partner with our clients ongoing, to consistently create differentiated and impactful design solutions, that deliver to brand integrity, exploit market opportunity and engage loyal consumers.


We have a specific mix of international expertise that gives us a platform for an integrated and differentiated approach to design - and what it can deliver to brands.
We encompass global brand management experts, world class designers & strategists that are unusually, creatively driven and therefore conceptual.
The net result is strategically driven design rather than strategy as an abstract discipline.
Bridging the gap and providing not just design services, but an engaged long-term partner for ongoing, proactive support in driving competitive advantage in the business of brands.


'Connected and symbiotic design strategy'
We believe that strategy is a essential partner to design.
Symbiotic engagement of the brand challenge ensures a seamless conceptual bridge between the brand as a business entity and the design solution. Ensuring our design is informed by why as well as how.
Because we treat strategy as a creative methodology and creative as a strategic issue - we are able to deliver;
• Market driven approach to design challenges
• Apply strategic problem solving and methodology to design analysis
• Insight driven creative briefs - accessing better traction
• Feeding the design process with a richer 'treasure map'
A design process that engages 'brand' on a conceptual level


We operate design and strategy as a seamless team, like art director & copywriter
We don't design to briefs - we seek to improve them
Our restless search for 'the opportunity' means we often re-define them
We are a design agency with integrated strategy - so we behave like an above the line agency - a holistic partner.
Giving us not just a value add approach to design solutions - but a winning formula for insightful and inspired problem solving