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about us

Our history

Founded by father Gerhard Visser aka "Senior" and son Gerhard Visser aka "Junior" in 2015, with little experience in learning and development but plenty of innovation and energy. The two men embarked on a journey to use their entrepreneurial flair to fundamentally change the mindsets of the "old school" learning methodologies.

With Senior's 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience and passion for transformation, the BEE & eLearning Development Trust was established and became a major shareholder in eSTUDY. eSTUDY today and for the unforeseeable future is on a B-BBEE Level 1 Certificate.

eSTUDY soon joined forces with CrossKnowledge (2016) and gained access to over 3500 learning objects. Junior then spent six months just learning CrossKnowledge and quickly became known within the globally dispersed CrossKnowledge team. But the team faced one major problem. CrossKnowledge content, in its form, will not get traction in the competitive South African market without the accreditation stamp of approval.

A team of learning and development experts then joined the operation with a mandate to find a way to get accreditation as soon as now ("Do or Die"). The team worked around the clock and achieved SABPP accreditation within a few weeks. The unthinkable was achieved with half the investment required and half the time. It was unimaginable.

Today, eSTUDY is headed up by Junior (Gerhard Visser Jnr) with a mission to change many lives through delivering exceptional courses and programs.