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about us
Giraffe is a fully-automated digital recruitment solution that enables businesses to hire high volumes of medium-skilled workers faster and more affordably than any other recruitment method.

We understand that, whilst there is no shortage of jobseekers, businesses that need to recruit high volumes of staff on a regular basis struggle to manage the recruitment process efficiently and often and rely on expensive recruitment agencies or ineffective job portals to hire candidates. This takes time and costs money - making the recruitment process a real challenge for many businesses. In addition, attrition is often very high and results in the need for ongoing recruitment.

Giraffe uses technology to streamline the recruitment process for both businesses and candidates alike. Recruiters can submit their staff requirements online at and Giraffe's matching algorithm will automatically identify the most suitable candidates from our base of more than six hundred thousand jobseekers. Giraffe's system can automatically screen candidates based on your exact requirements, and find suitable candidates that live close to your workplace, thereby helping to reduce staff turnover.

Recruiters can then select the best candidates for interview. Giraffe's fully-automated system contacts candidates and can even schedule interviews at a time and location of your choice. Because Giraffe has automated the entire recruitment process - from sourcing to screening to contacting to interview-scheduling, we can give you high volumes of quality candidates that match your requirements in as little as 48 hours- faster and more affordably than any other recruitment method.

Giraffe's automated high volume recruitment solution caters specifically for businesses looking to hire large numbers of medium-skilled candidates - including call centre agents, field sales agents, customer service staff, cashiers and shop assistants.

If you need to recruit high volumes of quality candidates, Giraffe is the solution you are looking for!