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about us
With the customer at the centre of our world, we build technology to make lives easier. Nearly two decades of experience and more than 10 000 dedicated employees who help us to be one of the best technology and business solutions companies to work for, partner with and invest in.

EOH Coastal evolved from an IT management business to a comprehensive Digital Transformation organisation. We help clients improve and adapt their business to the demands of a digital environment by offering a full suite of solutions.

For EOH Coastal to complete the digital transformation journey, we aspire to be the best people, working with the best processes and technology to exceed expectations.

We strive to create an office and operational environment prioritising 21st, instead of 20th, century human resource practices. EOH Coastal hosts career development programs, empowering our employees to highlight career goals, which assist in measuring success in their work life, thereby achieving the desired work/life balance.

Addressing the reality of South Africa's skills shortage, Coastal is part of EOH's Job creation initiative, helping to realise the goal of 100 000 new jobs for unemployed youth by 2020. Since 2013, we've hosted our own Academy of graduates selected from leading universities and government programs across the Western Cape, to complete a six-month training program, before being placed in the EOH work space. The EOH Coastal Academy aims to bridge the gap between the development skills of university graduates and those required by the market.