Our model is built on having a small crew of multi-talented people - this makes us fast and flexible. Because of this, we work in a fundamentally different way to a standard production team. This core concept affects all our production costs, from catering to locations to post production.

We're in this for the work, not the perks. Because each project is different, we rebuild our cost strategy for each in order to find the best way to make the best project for the smallest outlay.

We believe your advertising money should be spent where people can SEE it.

A small crew of multi-talented, passionate people means a cohesive working strategy. All of us wear multiple hats, and there is no room for big egos. Fewer players, less cost.

When it comes to catering we have fewer mouths to feed. We're fans of enlisting food trucks rather than catering companies - this way, we slash catering costs, eat healthier and stay on the move.

Weather insurance is optional. We have found that this can often be a large, unnecessary cost that we can do without because of the way we work. Our on set team does post production. This ensures that the client's vision is carried through and makes the finishing process easier and faster.

We like to keep it personal. Because we're a tight-knit group, we know the value of a good relationship with a specialist crew member or supplier.

This gives us access to a select group of young professionals who are happy to go the extra mile for us and with us.

We make a point of keeping our suppliers happy, and as such we get excellent rates and service from them.

We like what we do, and we like delivering great work even more. We are not beholden to the past or the status quo. Your project needs a fresh set of eyes. Ours.

Have a look at our website: www.younggunfilms.co.za