TPP is one of South Africa’s leading content agencies producing engaging content across both print and digital platforms. We specialise in reaching brands' customers and driving consumer action.
Established in 1997, The Publishing Partnership (TPP) offers a broad range of media products, from customer publications to customer insight.

As a leading contract publisher in South Africa, printing over 20 million magazines annually, TPP has made reaching your customer the cornerstone of our business. In a world inundated by gratuitous advertising and consumer annoyance, we have focused our business model on learning to connect with customers through engaging content. By touching the lives of your customers, we take your brand into their homes.

The power of owned media

Research has shown that readers spend on average 29 minutes reading a customer magazine. That's half an hour with your target customer, one on one, in her home. Powerful stuff. In an advertising environment where the average consumer receives around 3000 commercial messages a week, traditional media is becoming less and less effective. It is no longer enough to catch a potential customer's attention. You need to engage consumer attention long enough to communicate.

Consumers value the information they receive in customer magazines, so it follows that this relationship will result in sales. A UK research survey discovered that 54% of consumers said they have bought something as a direct result of reading a specific customer magazine.

While traditional above-the-line media tends to target potential customers, there are many other points on a customer's journey or relationship with your brand which could be more effectively targeted by owned media, tailored specifically to that connection point.

The management team

John Morkel - Director
John Morkel was the production manager of Creda Press for 10 years during its reign as SA's premier printing house, as well as production director at Churchill Murray Publications for 12 years. His tight, exacting production controls combine with TPP's buying power to generate award-winning reproduction and printing excellence within rigorously negotiated margins.

Contact: John Morkel

Mark Beare - Director

Mark Beare read English at Cambridge and has an MBA from Cape Town. His substantial media experience includes writing and editorship, as well as management and strategy consultancy, in a range of environments from magazines to newspapers, from Leadership magazine to the Vrye Weekblad. Mark provides managerial and strategic direction for the company as a whole.

Contact: Mark Beare


TPP has been ranked a Level 2 BEE contributor based on its February 2008 Empowerdex audit. A Level 2 status indicates that 125% of monies spent with TPP can be claimed by its clients in terms of BEE procurement. View our BEE certificate here