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about us

After 12 years as pioneers in digital location management we have seen some massive shifts in the last 2 years in both the market and our business.

We have changed from primarily a service business into a technology service business/SaaS business which has enabled us to better manage location to the highest quality and offer some of the best tools in managing location at scale along with reputation down to location level whilst offering invaluable business insights.

We are very excited about the prospects for this industry and after 12 years we are retiring the BPS Corporate Identity and launching a new identity that better reflects what we as a company now stand for and our offering going forward.

We are excited to introduce you to our new corporate identity, Location Bank.

Location Bank has been the brand name of our technology for some time and as we move more into technology we felt it fitting that the platform name is elevated to that of the company name.

The name Location Bank epitomises everything we offer i.e. Centrally Securing your digital Presence, Leveraging those locations across multiple publishers for maximum exposure and ROI, and Securing your reputation at a local level.

Location Bank is a highly innovative technology and our commitment is to innovate continually so you get the best from us and the platforms we manage on your behalf.

We look forward to serving you into the future, hopefully for at least another 12 years!