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Founded by Jenni Newman in 2003, JNPR has grown to be one of South Africa's leading Reputation Management, PR and Communications Firms.
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Investing in ending student debt makes good business sense
Equitable access to education is one of the pillars on which the solution to South Africa's youth unemployment problem rests. But education comes at a cost; and when that education is at a tertiary level, those costs are beyond the reach of most of the country's parental population. But, how can business participate in this equation? 19 Jul 2022 Read more

What's your flavour? Hotel group versus boutique experience
As the tourism and hospitality industry eases back into business and looks to recover to pre-Covid levels, travellers are now booking those well-deserved and longed for holidays and weekends away. Competition remains rife within the industry, with refined boutique hotels entering the market, offering a new, sought-after experience. 28 Jun 2022 Read more

Chat commerce and Yoco Link: Small business besties <3
A shared love for online shopping and social media has revolutionised digital commerce. (It's also made the hustle that much easier). Enter chat commerce. 17 Jun 2022 Read more

Launching MyContraceptive - contraceptives go digital
Quick, easy and discreet - the new norm for women in South Africa. Zoie Health, one of South Africa's fastest growing women's digital health and wellness clinics, launched in Women's Month last August, has now expanded its service offering with the launch of MyContraceptive®. 12 May 2022 Read more

April is Autism Awareness Month - How do you support a child with ASD?
Every year, the importance of April being Autism month increases. Initially it started with a focus on 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day - aimed to increase awareness or understanding of the Autism Spectrum. Over the years, there has been a progression far beyond awareness, and an extension to April Autism Month. This provides an opportunity to increase awareness, acceptance, empowerment, and overall support for those on the Autism Spectrum and their families. 6 Apr 2022 Read more

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