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We conduct very large sample, bi-annual secondary data surveys to enable the production of highly detailed and extremely cost-effective customer segment profilers.
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Do not forget to measure the ROI of your brand mojoBuilding a brand is like building Rome - you can't do it in a day. 27 Mar 2019 Read more

Edgars needs to remember why their good times were so good
  • Back in the day it was the Edgars own-brands that made the Edgars brand so great 8 Mar 2019 Read more

  • Please will somebody answer the phone?Some of us are old enough to remember the days when you went out of the office and came back to the ever-grumpy office receptionist flapping a pile of messages for you from "all the people who had tried to phone you while you were out". These were the times of being able to go for days or even weeks without having to return a single call - "Oh sorry, I was in Windhoek last week", or "Shit, the new receptionist didn't give me the message" or any other lame excuse for avoiding the call, were all accepted. 27 Feb 2019 Read more

    Promise not to forget that customers are human tooDo you believe that it is possible to predict the future behaviours of your customers based solely on detailed knowledge of their previous transactional behaviours with one single organisation - namely your own? Apparently, an increasingly number of organisations think it is. 21 Feb 2019 Read more

    Brand parity? There is more to this than meets the eyeHow frustrating is it that your tiresome annual Brand Health Tracker (BHT) stubbornly shows that no matter how hard you try, brand status quo prevails? 6 Feb 2019 Read more

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