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Younilook - The revolutionary innovation that allows you to look your best!Remember the good old days when we did our best to try to look older? Those days may be far gone, but with age comes wisdom, grace, a better understanding of the world and our place in it - and a subtler approach to makeup, too. Sure, age is just a number, but you can take years off your face by using the right makeup products and application. The trick is, as always, to enhance your best features and embrace your natural beauty. 22 Mar 2019 Read more

Section 12J: Putting your tax rands to work for a better South AfricaOne of the first entrants to the South African 12J venture capital landscape is celebrating its fourth year of profitable returns to shareholders. Anuva Investments Ltd (Anuva) reported R14.1 million in profit for its 2018 financial year and distributed R10.5 million to its Class-A shareholders - achieving an impressive 8% dividend yield. 25 Jan 2019 Read more

The evolution of paymentsNew open banking ecosystem could render card payments obsolete 22 Oct 2018 Read more

Natural selection!To get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food. And that's where NutriBullet comes in. For those of you new to the brand, it's simple: their range of personal blenders break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals. With their patented cyclonic blades, NutriBullets blend fruit and vegetables into the smoothest, healthiest purees, delivering food to your body in an easily digestible, easily absorbable form. 8 Oct 2018 Read more

Brett Dawson powers 4IR with investments in six transformational startupsBrett Dawson has an enviable track record in the technology industry. During his tenure at leading brands like Internet Solutions and global IT services giant Dimension Data he focussed on unlocking the transformative power of the new technologies ushered in by the Third Industrial Revolution (3IR). 8 May 2018 Read more

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