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Specialised diet pet foods trending in the South African market
In both the global and South African markets, pet owners are increasingly placing greater importance on the health and wellness of their furry companions, particularly due to ongoing pet humanisation trends. This is being leveraged by pet food players in the pet care market, with the release of specialised diet health food that targets different health areas in pets, such as digestion, joint health, skin and coat health, and immune support, amongst others. 27 Sep 2023 Read more

South Africa's growing love for 'local is lekker' fast food
Within the South African Fast Food market, there is a growing love for 'local is lekker' which is resulting in robust market growth, driven by large servings of locally focused advertising and marketing, such as load shedding and the country's ever-popular braai culture. At the same time, township culture is having a supersized effect on the domestic market, not only in terms of flavours and offerings, but also demand and investment, with players leveraging this growing popularity to create a uniquely South African fast food experience. 21 Aug 2023 Read more

Winter is coming: Severe flu season likely to boost South Africa's cough, cold and flu industry
Both globally and locally, there has been a steady increase in the number of influenza cases during flu seasons, which has been accelerated by the removal of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, whilst flu seasons have also been starting earlier than usual across different regions. The expected strains of influenza are being considered a major public health concern, due to its severity, resulting in the launch of new cough, cold and flu products aimed at meeting the anticipated demand amongst consumers feeling under the weather. 16 Aug 2023 Read more

Innovative sustainability trends give South Africa's coffee industry a caffeine kick
Both globally and locally, coffee market players are increasingly expressing significant interest in sustainability, driven by ongoing concerns surrounding environmental issues and climate change. As a result of this focus, market players have been increasingly putting the 'green' back in coffee, by highlighting various sustainability efforts, including the introduction of recyclable or compostable packaging, as well as various other efforts that emphasise players' commitments to sustainability. 21 Jun 2023 Read more

Are sugar and caffeine fizzling out of South Africa's soft drinks market?
Both globally and locally, the Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) market is witnessing a shift in consumer preferences from traditional high sugar, caffeinated soft drinks to healthier variations that exclude these ingredients, driven by ongoing health concerns surrounding these ingredients. This is resulting in market players increasing its existing brand ranges or launching new CSD products that are sugar- or caffeine-free, or lower in sugar content, thus meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers and catering to ongoing global health trends and priorities. 19 Jun 2023 Read more

Is technology and innovation energising South Africa's supplements market?
Globally, market players are launching new supplement products that have been developed using technological innovation and novel ingredients, in order to meet dynamic consumer requirements. Moreover, the use of innovation is also extending to pharmaceutical retailers, which are introducing user-friendly online platforms to promote the use of supplements, thereby enhancing health personalisation and accessibility. 19 Apr 2023 Read more

How is tech-enabled simplification driving SA's long-term insurance industry growth?
Following the declines experienced in 2020 that resulted in a 4.4% drop in premium volumes, the global Long-Term (Life) Insurance industry demonstrated resilience, by achieving significantly higher growth of 9.9% in 2021, with a marginal 0.2% contraction expected in 2022. Much of this recovery can be attributd to the InsurTech-driven simplification of Life Insurance products, part of the focus on customer centricity following Covid-19-driven changes in consumer expectations. Crucially, this trend is driving greater accessibility in terms of policy requirements and understandability, as well as the development of simplified offerings provided via non-traditional channels, and boosting penetration in underserved markets. 1 Mar 2023 Read more

Are 'better-for-you' options helping to beat SA's breakfast cereals market crunch?
Within the global and local breakfast cereals markets, demand for 'better-for-you' breakfast cereal products, with reduced amounts of 'unhealthy' ingredients, is rapidly rising amongst health-conscious consumers. Amidst a greater focus on nutritional value and quality, there is also an expectation among consumers to not compromise on taste. Local players are leveraging this demand by introducing innovative health-focused products to beat the ongoing unhealthy breakfast cereal stigma, as well as the threat of imminent labelling regulations. 1 Feb 2023 Read more

Is allergic rhinitis 'sneezing' life into South Africa's allergy care market?
Consumers across the globe are being exposed to more allergens, as urbanisation, industrialisation, and pollution, increase rapidly. This has amplified the prevalence and severity of allergic rhinitis and hay fever symptoms, thereby increasing consumer demand for remedies that treat these conditions. As such, global and local market players are catering to these demands for allergic rhinitis treatment through product innovation and product line expansion. 25 Jan 2023 Read more

Are personalised insurance products 'insuring' growth in SA's short-term insurance industry?
Over the past few years, the short-term insurance landscape has significantly evolved in response to a dynamic market environment, with a 'one size fits all' approach no longer being sufficient in meeting market and consumer demands. This has resulted in the introduction of innovative, personalised short-term insurance offerings, driven by insurtech, to meet the complex demands of younger consumers in particular, based on an accurate picture of each individual's needs and preferences. 18 Jan 2023 Read more

Is the premiumisation wave surging in South Africa's bottled water industry?
Both globally and locally, consumers are increasingly demanding premium bottled water products that are more appealing in terms of design and packaging, specific mineral contents, or offering a variety of health benefits. This is resulting in a wave of innovative, premium bottled water products flowing into the local and global markets, as manufacturers try to meet this rising demand by offering region-specific mineral water, and even elevated bottled water experiences, to quench the thirst for premium products. 9 Nov 2022 Read more

Are probiotics designed for children giving South African parents more peace of mind?
As global and South African consumers become increasingly aware of the many benefits associated with probiotics, there has been a growing demand for probiotic products. This has now expanded to the children's and infants' market, as parents increasingly seek to improve their children's health, by providing them with probiotics. Moreover, the health benefits of probiotics for children have become a growing research and media focus area, which has resulted in both global and local players launching probiotic products specifically designed for children or infants, to meet this growing consumer demand and appeal to the parent target market. 24 Oct 2022 Read more

Is the plant-based revolution sowing the seeds for SA's fast food/QSR market growth?
Both globally and locally, the plant-based food trend is continuing to gain momentum across various categories, particularly as consumers become more health-, environment- and sustainability-conscious, in terms of the food that they eat. This trend is gaining significant traction within the fast food industry, reflected in the large variety of new and innovative plant-based offerings being introduced by global and local fast food/QSR market players, to meet the capricious demands of millennial consumers, in particular. 29 Aug 2022 Read more

Innovative products and technology help SA pet care market's tail to wag
Both globally and locally, pet care industry players are increasingly releasing novel, innovative products and technology to meet specific pet care needs. Moreover, it is providing innovative 'treats' for consumers to spoil their pets, by catering to the ongoing pet humanisation trend of treating pets as members of the family. 22 Aug 2022 Read more

Consumer preference for OTC medication spreads in SA's cough, cold and flu remedies market
Within the local and global cough, cold and flu remedies markets, the preference for over-the-counter (OTC) medication is spreading amongst consumers, due to the rising costs of healthcare, and the fact that OTC medication is accessible and more cost-effective. Further contributing to this preference is the fact that consumers are increasingly stocking up on OTC cough, cold and flu remedies in preparation for when they may need it, as well as aboom in e-commerce and home delivery services, which is further supporting the preference for at-home treatment. 13 Jun 2022 Read more

Is the functional coffee trend 'mushrooming' in the South African coffee market?
As Covid-19 continues to heighten awareness around health and wellbeing, global and local coffee consumers are expecting their coffee to provide them with functional health benefits, beyond the caffeinated boost they are accustomed to. This is resulting in the introduction of innovative, functionally-focused coffee products by local players, such as mushroom coffee, to capitalise on the growing perception of coffee as an inherently good-for-you drink. 16 May 2022 Read more

Are functional and funky flavours shaking up SA's fizzy drinks industry?
Both globally and locally, consumers are continuing to seek out healthier fizzy/carbonated soft drinks (CSD) products. However, this focus on health does not mean that consumers are willing to compromise on taste or flavour. As a result, more market players are offering healthier CSD product options, whilst also providing a range of enhanced and novel flavours, in order to meet the capricious demands of consumers. 11 May 2022 Read more

Is SA's supplements market being enhanced from the inside out?
Global and South African consumers' view of wellness has evolved over the past few years, especially considering the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, consumers are increasingly viewing their health and wellbeing through a broader and more holistic lens, with their view of health encompassing both physical and mental health, as well as a healthy appearance. This has resulted in more consumers opting for Supplement products that can improve their overall wellbeing, as well as a host of new products being launched, that offer both internal and external benefits to make consumers look and feel better. 9 May 2022 Read more

Is the legitimisation of cannabis greening the way for SA's cannabis/CBD industry?
While cannabis use remains taboo among some South Africans, an increasing number of consumers are becoming more accepting regarding its use. More specifically, legalisation, government support, and the potential economic advantages offered by the South African cannabis market, have led to the increased legitimisation of cannabis and cannabis-based products. Furthermore, South Africans are becoming increasingly educated around the use of cannabis and are more easily able to safely grow their own cannabis, rather than acquiring it from questionable sources. 14 Feb 2022 Read more

Is InsurTech personalising SA's long-term insurance industry?
The global long-term (life) insurance market was hit hard in 2020, declining by 4.4% in terms of value, with advanced global markets bearing the brunt of this decline. However, positively, the market was expected to rebound strongly in both 2021 and 2022, with predicted growth rates of 3.8% and 4.0%, respectively. This recovery is expected to be fuelled by the InsurTech sector, the growth of which has been accelerated by the Covic-19 pandemic, and the resulting need for innovation to cater to rapidly shifting consumer expectations. 7 Feb 2022 Read more

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