TitleCityCompanyRemunerationDate posted
Junior Market Research Analyst
Cape TownInsight Survey24 May 10:56
Marketing Automation Specialist
JohannesburgMama03 May 13:35
Sales Development Representative
FourwaysFRONTPAGE MediaR25000 - R35000 Monthly neg21 May 15:14
Junior Wordpress Developer
Cape TownInversion MarketingR12000 - R18000 Monthly30 Apr 10:17
Intermediate Project Manager
JohannesburgRecruitU14 May 07:35
Junior Sales
Cape TownTrusted InternsR10000 - R13000 Monthly02 May 14:13
Web Developer/Designer
Cape TownCreative Imagineering15 May 14:00
Applications Development Manager - Health/Social Development
Cape Town03 Jun 10:19
E-Commerce Developer
Cape TownMonetise06 May 13:01
Chief Analyst Developer - Education/Cultural Affairs/Sport
Cape Town03 Jun 10:29
Software Tester
Cape TownAchievement Awards Group (Pty) Ltd16 May 10:21
UI/UX Developer
PretoriaE-Merge IT Recruitment26 Apr 13:32
Mid Level PHP Developer
JohannesburgSmudgeR20000 - R26000 Monthly25 Apr 13:07
Business Analyst
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR450 - R500 Hourly18 Apr 11:35
Software Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR500000 - R800000 Yearly26 Apr 13:41
Mid Level PHP Developer
Cape TownHex AfricaR20000 - R25000 Monthly neg09 May 13:27
IT Recruitment Lead
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR200000 - R500000 Yearly neg09 May 12:49
Container Application Development Specialist
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR1000000 - R1200000 Yearly26 Apr 13:26
Junior Software Developer
PretoriaE-Merge IT Recruitment24 May 14:24
Junior Tester
Cape TownHomeChoice11 Jun 07:07
Head of Engineering
Cape TownHomeChoice28 May 08:30
Security Specialist
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR650000 - R700000 Yearly25 Apr 15:22
Solution Architect
JohannesburgRecruitU09 May 13:24
Sales Lead - IT Software
PretoriaSilverBridge09 May 12:44
Mid-Level Front-End Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR350000 - R500000 Yearly neg29 Apr 14:05
Information Analyst/Data Modeller
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment29 Apr 08:09
Software Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR500000 - R800000 Yearly25 Apr 15:23
Intermediate Software Engineer
JohanneburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR45000 - R50000 Monthly26 Apr 13:25
IT Quality Assurance Tester Team Lead
Cape TownAchievement Awards GroupR35000 - R45000 Monthly neg09 May 13:25
Manager Analytics/Insights
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR100000 - R1400000 Yearly18 Apr 11:58
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR700000 - R1000000 Yearly31 May 09:19
Product Owner
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR649000 - R650000 Yearly09 May 14:37
Junior Database Developer - SQL/T-SQL/C#
PretoriaE-Merge IT Recruitment18 Apr 10:14
Senior Front-End Web Development - HTML5/CSS/Responsive Design
Cape TownOgilvy SAR35000 - R45000 Monthly13 May 10:57
Data Analyst
Cape Towne-Merge IT RecruitmentR800000 - R850000 Yearly23 May 15:36
Senior Java Back-End Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment30 Apr 10:33
Senior Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR600 - R700 Hourly25 Apr 14:21
Business Analyst
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550000 - R600000 Yearly31 May 09:18
Systems Analysts
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR650000 - R700000 Yearly18 Apr 11:33
Data Scientist
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR700000 - R800000 Yearly23 Apr 10:57
Senior Mobile Developer
PretoriaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR350000 - R760000 Yearly25 Apr 14:20
Business Analyst
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR400000 - R420000 Yearly31 May 10:52
Intermediate Java Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550000 - R600000 Yearly23 Apr 11:24
Front-End Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR500000 - R540000 Yearly26 Apr 11:49
Business Analyst
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR400000 - R800000 Yearly20 May 13:41
Business/Systems Analysts
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR700000 Yearly neg30 May 15:55
Java Consultant
DurbanE-Merge IT Recruitment18 Apr 11:20
ITAM Manager
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly25 Apr 15:23
Intermediate BI Technical Analyst
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR480000 - R600000 Yearly18 Apr 11:38
Process Analyst/Consultant
PretoriaE-Merge IT Recruitment07 Jun 12:43
Quality Assurance Lead
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R850000 Yearly30 May 13:23
Full Stack Java Mobile Analyst Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR850000 - R900000 Yearly18 Apr 11:25
Web/Mobile Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR40000 - R55000 Monthly26 Apr 07:18
Quantitative Analytics Manager
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR1100000 - R1200000 Yearly18 Apr 11:32
Front-End Web Developer
JohannesburgE-merge IT RecruitmentR200000 - R650000 Yearly23 May 16:26
Senior Lead Agile Programme Manager
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR1200000 - R1300000 Yearly18 Apr 12:14
Senior MS Tabular BI Analyst Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR500 - R550 Hourly18 Apr 11:27
Agile Coach
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment03 Jun 13:45
Senior Java Developer
Cape Towne-Merge IT RecruitmentR500 Hourly03 Jun 17:17
Junior-Mid Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR400000 - R420000 Yearly25 Apr 13:58
Quantitative Analyst Senior
PretoriaE-Merge IT recruitmentR850000 - R900000 Yearly20 May 13:51
Junior-Mid Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR400000 - R420000 Yearly06 May 12:06
Data Scientist
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly30 May 13:50
Intermediate Data Analyst
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR450000 - R500000 Yearly23 May 14:34
Ops Specialist -- Property Management
Centurion and JohannesburgTelkom14 Jun 11:22
Systems Analysts
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR400000 - R500000 Yearly31 May 10:51
Business Information Security Officer
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR1000000 - R1100000 Monthly28 May 12:41
Systems Analyst Specialist
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly26 Apr 07:17
Software Developer – C#
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR350 - R450 Hourly26 Apr 07:29
Business Analyst
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR650000 - R700000 Yearly23 May 16:26
SAP FICO Consultant
PretoriaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR600 - R800 Hourly16 May 11:57
Senior SAP Basis Consultant
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR700000 - R705000 Monthly neg27 May 11:04
PowerBI BI Developer with Cloud
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR999999 - R1000000 Yearly10 May 10:10
SAP Functional/Technical Consultant MM/SD/Retail
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR790 - R800 Hourly10 May 07:20
Senior BI Analyst/Tabular Cube Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR900000 - R960000 Yearly18 Apr 11:41
SAP BI/BW Specialist
PretoriaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR700 - R800 Hourly18 Apr 11:15
E-Commerce Development Manager
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment18 Apr 11:13
Business Analysts
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR500 - R550 Hourly30 May 15:37
Intermediate Business Analyst
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR600000 - R650000 Yearly27 May 11:46
Senior Web Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR45000 - R70000 Monthly24 May 14:20

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