The three big studies pushing at the frontiers of HIV prevention

There are an estimated 5,000 new HIV transmissions every day. Around 70% of the 37-million people living with HIV globally are in sub-Saharan Africa. Of the 1.8-million new HIV transmissions worldwide in 2017, 800,000 occurred in Eastern and Southern Africa. New, effective prevention strategies are essential to reducing HIV transmission.

By Glenda Gray 2 days ago

Fruit bats can pass Ebola on to humans. Jeffrey Paul Wade/Shutterstock
Ebola outbreaks may be more common than we think

The best defence against Ebola outbreaks is early detection. If detected early enough, an outbreak can be prevented with targeted, low-tech interventions, such as isolating infected people and their contacts. But our research suggests that most opportunities for early detection and intervention are missed. In fact, we estimate that most times when Ebola jumps from wildlife to people, it is not detected at all.

2 days ago

Professor Valerie Mizrahi. Photo: Robyn Walker/UCT
UCT scientist uses award to fund TB research

University of Cape Town's Professor Valerie Mizrahi, will use her R1.5m Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award to develop two new areas of tuberculosis (TB) research, which are built on expertise in the biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as it relates to TB pathogenesis and drug discovery.

10 Jun 2019