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Camera Rental Equipment Manager

Location:Cape Town, Brooklyn
Job level:Management Jnr-Mid
Own transport required:Yes
Type: 1 Year
Company:Zootee Studios

Job description

The position involves managing Zootee Studios's camera, grips, lighting, sound and accessories inventory. The applicant can go to our website to see the kind of equipment that the applicant would be expected to manage - it’s nothing too “out there”... However we are growing fast and the applicant must be able to adapt to the ever-changing technology. The equipment needs to be checked on return and again when checked out. The checking process involves checking for any damages on anything from sensors to memory cards to lenses to batteries to firmware. And cleaning everything from sensors to pelican cases. There are checklists for all items in our inventory that you would check off but also be able to notice when something is "out of the ordinary". There will at times be an intern working under you that you would need to manage as well so effective team communication is necessary as well as being able to implement feedback from other members or the team. 

During gear-checks, applicant would need to be able to have a respectful but fun and confident approach to our clients who range from experienced DOPs to first time shooters to students who believe they are DOPs... Often the gear-checks involve thinking outside the box to rig different camera setups or find powering solutions for their privately owned gear that they are bringing on the job to integrate into our systems. At the gear-check, the applicant would be expected to be able to answer the clients questions about the system, run them through camera menus, recommend additional accessories, and give tutorials on balancing gimbals. Applicant does not need to know all of this before applying but have the ability to learn it quickly. 

A basic understanding of electricity and cables is necessary.

Company Description

Zootee Studios is a vibrant camera equipment rental/hire company based in Cape Town. We strongly believe in supporting women in cinematography and tech and any new team member would need to share that vision. Our inventory includes a variety of cameras such as the RED Dragon, Sony PXW-FS7, Canon EOS 5D and many more ranging from consumer to professional. We are quite Sony-centric though... We also have camera accessories, grips, lighting and sound equipment. Our inventory is growing rapidly.


Applicant must have:
  • A firm knowledge of the demands of the cinematography department on set as this will help you recommend what accessories a DOP will need in their kit
  • Knowledge of cameras and codecs
  • Knowledge of lighting (if you’re given a reference, be able to recommend to clients what gear to use from our inventory)
  • Basic sound equipment knowledge
  • Be someone who reads Newshooter and No Film School for fun and keeps up to date on camera, lighting and accessory trends
  • Be good at problem solving technical issues like “Yo, why is this camera not connecting to this Teradek?”
  • Feel comfortable with doing firmware updates on cameras
  • Be able to guide clients through menu systems
  • Knowledge of electronics and not be scared of a soldering iron
  • Be happy working in a small team 
  • Be super organised with paper work (ticking off gear check sheets and condition reports so we know what client damaged what)
  • An eye for detail to pick up tiny flaws in the gear
  • Love cleanliness and Mr Min
  • Not be above cleaning boxes and tripods, a large portion of the work is cleaning equipment
  • Be able to give tutorials on how gear like gimbals need to be balanced, etc.
  • Fast learner to learn new camera systems, gimbals, etc.
  • Dependable and not arrogant. We want a safe learning space for our new clients!
  • And last but not least - supportive of women in tech!
If you know of someone that fits this description, please share this with them.

Posted on 02 Apr 14:15

Stacey Keppler

021 510 1928
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