Continental Outdoor Media, eighth best SME in Tanzania - survey

Continental Outdoor Media has been ranked eighth out of 100 SME's in Tanzania in a survey conducted by Synovate in East Africa. The survey, the brainchild of KPMG and The Citizen (in Tanzania), ranked Tanzania's businesses with a turnover of between Sh1 billion and Sh20 billion and was based on...

27 Jul 2011

Connecting commuters in Tanzania
Connecting commuters in Tanzania

click to enlargeThe latest Vodacom campaign in Tanzania creates high impact using airport walkways at Dar es Salaam International Airport, Tanzania's premier airport. “Vodacom have increased their visibility to great effect, targeting high-end local and international commuters”, comments Russell...

3 Sep 2007

It's a sign! Uganda goes large

Nokia in Kampala have, through Clear Channel Independent's Uganda office, secured the advertising rights for the face of the Postal Building in Kampala. Measuring a massive 200 square meters or 20 x 10 m, it is the largest billboard face in Uganda. It is located in the heart of major retail shopping...

17 May 2005

"Celtel... this is your control tower"

Clear Channel Independent Africa have been awarded the rights to brand the control tower at Zanzibar International Airport. The site has been sold to Celtel, the biggest cellular phone company in East Africa. It dominates the area from all sides - the air, the car park, the runway and all roads...

10 May 2005

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