Looking for African women leaders

The Kuwa Ajabu Foundation ("be extraordinary") is a non-profit organisation which empowers and builds sustainable capacity in the form of job creation for young, unemployed people across Africa. Affiliate partners include the UN, Women In Finance, Menprow and the fully black-owned Blue Rain...

8 Apr 2011

South African Cannes entries

There is a total of 531 South African entries to this year's Cannes Lions Festival: 133 – Film; 316 – Print & Outdoor; 29 – Cyber; 35 – Media; Direct Marketing – 18. This year's entries are 5% below that of 2002. Other African entries include 14 from Kenya and 4 from Mozambique.

16 Jun 2003

Kenya decrees free HIV/Aids ads

The government of Kenya has made it mandatory for broadcasting stations to set aside a percentage of their airtime for free advertisements to create public awareness and behaviour change in the war on HIV/Aids.

14 Apr 2003

Kenyan Agency Looking For SA Agency Affiliation

The managing director of independant Kenyan agency Ingenue will be in SA between the months of June and July to find an agency to affiliate with. Several SA companies are opening branches in the East Africa region including software, telecommunications, beverage and fast food companies to name a...

13 May 2002

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