The National Women In Music Awards 2022

The National Women in Music Awards 2022© (NAWMAs) is an annual event organized by King Ngavur Productions. Its main award is titled Woman of the Year, established to recognize "women in the music industry who have made significant contributions to the business and who, through their work and continued success, inspire generations of women to take on increasing responsibilities within the field", said King Ngavur

In 2021 South African female artists continue to be under-represented on radio playlists, in festival line-ups and in production and technical areas; women hold only 28% of senior and strategic roles in key industry organisations and earn far less than their male counterparts; women are significantly less likely to be honoured in the music industry's most prestigious awards and are under-represented in the boardrooms of our peak music industry bodies.

This NAWMA will turn the spotlight on women, recognising and including multicultural artists and performers, women working in technical, live and studio production, artistry, back stage, on stage, song writing, photography, music journalism, classical
music, leadership, humanitarian work and more.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is an issue faced by all of us in South Africa. GBV refers to violence that targets individuals or groups on the basis of their gender. This includes acts that inflict physical, mental or sexual harm or suffering, the threat of such acts, coercion, and other deprivations of liberty, GBV is largely under reported because of stigma and lack of access to resources and support systems. While women and girls are the most at risk and the most affected by gender-based violence, boys, men, and sexual and gender minorities also experience gender-based violence. GBV can have serious physical, mental, economic, and social repercussions. Before the Kickstart of the awards ceremony evening, A Special Moment of Silence will be dedicated to all GBV victims in South Africa.

NAWMA 2022 will include a series of forums, keynote address, local artist showcase and
networking opportunities, as well as the coveted Awards ceremony and cocktail function.

Among this year's Award highlights, will be announcement of The Crystal Lifetime Achievement recipient will be announce in April 2022.
NAWMA nominations will officially open in on 1st December with finalists announce during the Awards Ceremony on 5th August 2022. For exclusive partnership opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Time: 18:00 - 23:00
Venue: To Be Announce, Cape Town
Cost: R200pp all ticket sales will be donated to the nominated GBV organization.

Contact: Sim Ndhlovu
Company name: AVuka Media
Email address az.oc.aidemakuva@stneve

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