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Smart hospitals gear up to deploy over 7 million IoMT devices globally by 2026

A new study by Juniper Research has found that smart hospitals will deploy 7.4 million connected IoMT devices globally by 2026; over 3,850 devices per smart hospital.

10 Jan 2022

Source: Supplied. Dr Vuyane Mhlomi.
#BizTrends2022: Hospital teams to deliver remote, at-home, vital-sign monitoring

Medtech is advancing to such a degree that hospital-care will now entail patients getting remote, round-the-clock, vital-sign monitoring in the comfort of their own homes...

Dr Vuyane MhlomiBy Dr Vuyane Mhlomi 7 Jan 2022

#BizTrends2022: The state of global mental healthcare at a crisis point

The mental-health impact of the virus is now the second pandemic to come out of Covid-19...

Katja HamiltonBy Katja Hamilton 6 Jan 2022

Panda app: first of its kind in addressing mental-health needs this festive season

Join Panda App makes mental-health support more accessible this festive season...

23 Dec 2021

Source: Supplied
ATG Digital launches vaccine verifier for the workplace

ATG Digital brings instant vaccine-verification access-control to market...

17 Dec 2021

Source: Supplied
Remote Doctors 4 Africa makes inroads in Botswana

Telehealth app uptake in Botswana delivers critical healthcare services to miners...

9 Dec 2021

Digital drives innovation in healthcare services

Digital healthcare and telemedicine are not new concepts, but Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated their adoption and uptake. This is driving some serious innovation in the healthcare space...

By Tony Singleton 6 Dec 2021

Source: Supplied
Aviro Health launches Pocket Clinic

Aviro has launched the digitally-led Pocket Clinic which aims to revolutionise the method by which locals connect with healthcare workers in both the private and public healthcare system....

3 Dec 2021

Source: © pandpstock001
Technology: healthcare enabler or disrupter?

To solve the problems in healthcare in South Africa, while technology is an enabler, the key lies in recognising the needs of our market...

Danette BreitenbachBy Danette Breitenbach 19 Nov 2021

Source: ©Mark Bowden
First non-invasive benign prostate procedure performed in SA

A non-surgical procedure to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) was successfully performed for the first time in SA...

11 Nov 2021

Source: © vystekphotographie
Telehealth app bridges gap in healthcare in Africa

A new telehealth app provides stakeholders with invaluable insight into the prioritisation of much-needed resources...

4 Nov 2021

Source: © Dmitry Kalinovsky
Medtech sector key to SA's economic recovery

South Africa's medical technology (medtech) sector's current estimated R20bn market value could be significantly increased...

2 Nov 2021

RecoMed concludes R21m in international funding round
RecoMed concludes R21m in international funding round

RecoMed, a growing online healthcare marketplace and booking platform in South Africa recently concluded a highly successful funding round of R21m...

2 Nov 2021

Source: ©sergey Nivens
AstraZeneca and the Royal Academy partnership focuses on health tech

A new partnership between AstraZeneca and the Royal Academy of Engineering (the Academy) to establish connections between African healthcare innovators...

6 Oct 2021

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