#OrchidsandOnions: Taking a jab at Covid
#OrchidsandOnions: Taking a jab at Covid

Coronavirus: Savanna, Checkers take clever advantage of pandemic; Risky undertaking pays big dividends in entertaining TV adverts...

Brendan SeeryBy Brendan Seery 19 Oct 2021

5 ways to reimagine the retail experience
5 ways to reimagine the retail experience

Now is the time for retail brands to ambitiously reimagine their relationships with customers, and to set the bar high, says Accenture's John Watling...

John WatlingBy John Watling 12 Oct 2021

#WomensMonth: The power of a story - leading us to change
#WomensMonth: The power of a story - leading us to change

Fundamental change to the corporate landscape remains a key opportunity area for the advancement of gender equality, says Procter & Gamble's Cassie Jaganyi...

Cassie JaganyiBy Cassie Jaganyi 16 Aug 2021

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#BizTrends2021: Trend check - looking back and facing forward

As D2C hots up, more trends are emerging around retailer investment opportunities, consumer behaviour and supporting brands with a bigger purpose. Smollan's chief growth and innovation officer shares more...

Michael SmollanBy Michael Smollan 3 Aug 2021

Source: Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko
How cooking oil brought a moment of joy during a dreadful week

It is possible that cooking oil prevented more looting in SA in the last week than the president, the ANC, the intelligence community, the army and the police combined, quips Howard Feldman of Synthesis...

Howard FeldmanBy Howard Feldman 22 Jul 2021

Hyper-personalisation in retail. Are we there yet?
Hyper-personalisation in retail. Are we there yet?

Imagine walking into your favourite fashion store, and instead of finding racks of clothing filled with items you have no interest in, the items that appeal to you are on display in front of you. Curated just for you...

Rob NobleBy Rob Noble 9 Jul 2021

Thoughts around the effect the liquor ban is having on our industry
Thoughts around the effect the liquor ban is having on our industry

The e-commerce industry can assist producers by utilising online retail platforms and their reach to make the liquor lockdown manageable for both buyer and seller, says OneDayOnly's Matthew Leighton...

Matthew LeightonBy Matthew Leighton 7 Jul 2021

How grocers can harness technology to improve food safety

Effects of the Covid-19 crisis on consumer behaviours will extend beyond the pandemic, so it's essential that businesses prioritise food safety in their long-term plans, notes Zebra Technologies director...

Mark ThomsonBy Mark Thomson 28 Jun 2021

Will the world ever go back to how it was before? Probably not

OneDayOnly's creative director explains why the business environment, and the world as we know, will remain changed...

Matthew LeightonBy Matthew Leighton 22 Jun 2021

Source: Tim Douglas from
4 challenges of growing a franchise network beyond Covid-19

For business owners searching for growth, franchising the business affords the opportunity to expand to new locations and grow the brand and revenue, notes FNB's head of franchising...

Morne CronjeBy Morne Cronje 18 Jun 2021

Fresh food deliveries a competitive advantage for retailers
Fresh food deliveries a competitive advantage for retailers

Consumer behaviour has been influenced indefinitely as research indicates that demand has seen a huge uptick in D2C in the freezer, fridge and table fresh deliveries space...

Michael SmollanBy Michael Smollan 10 Jun 2021

5 post-Covid consumer myths debunked
5 post-Covid consumer myths debunked

Recent Accenture global research shows that 95% of consumers are making significant and lasting changes to how they live, work and shop. South Africa is no different...

John WatlingBy John Watling 8 Jun 2021

Implications of ConCourt ruling for all loyalty programme providers

The Constitutional Court recently handed down judgment on the Clicks Retailers (Pty) Ltd v CSARS case, which has wide ramifications for all loyalty programme providers...

Joon ChongBy Joon Chong 7 Jun 2021

From boardroom to bedroom: The 11-year journey of OneDayOnly

The roots of OneDayOnly can be traced back to 2008 where the founders noticed a gap in the e-commerce market. At the time, group buying and daily deals were gaining traction internationally...

Matthew LeightonBy Matthew Leighton 2 Jun 2021

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