#Fasa21: KFC's Akhona Qengqe on business survival and innovating for the future
Source: Massmart
Arçelik brings Beko appliances to SA as it advances African expansion
Shoprite to exit Uganda and Madagascar after review
Source: Spar Austria
Source: Walmart
Source: ©gajus -
Source: Getty
From apprentice to fashion icon: Ivory Coast's Pathe'O, 50 years on
Goodleaf merges with Highlands Investments to create R650m cannabis company
The history of sneakers: From commodity to cultural icon
A man wearing a protective face mask walks outside a Shoprite store in Abuja, 3 Nigeria August 2020. Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde
Marek Zmyslowski on plotting a realistic e-commerce growth strategy in Africa
Covid-19 is giving us a new appreciation for physical shops
Ndagi Job Goshi, Liferay Africa
New global H&M initiative to identify and support inspiring kids
Afrikrea launches SaaS platform to simplify global selling for African merchants

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