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The top 10 cities for travel and play according to Mastercard

Mastercard's Global Destination Cities Index: Play takes a look at international destinations with the highest concentration of visitors travelling for relaxation and leisure.

©Valentin Valkov via 123RF

International travel continues to grow at an incredible rate, transforming local economies and enabling people to broaden their horizons – whether they travel for work or for play. Building on nearly a decade of insight into international travel trends, the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index: Play shows that special cities around the world are building a brand of fun, relaxation and enjoyment for like-minded travellers.

Punta Cana leads the list of top ten cities where more than 90% of overnight visitor travel in 2017 was for purposes beyond business, such as vacation or family visits. The list includes several lesser-known destinations that cater to eco-tourists, history buffs, beachgoers and adventure seekers.

With cultures uniquely their own but with a common focus on relaxation and fun, the top 10 cities include:

1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (99.9%)
2. Cusco, Peru (98%)
3. Djerba, Tunisia (97.7%)
4. Riviera Maya, Mexico (97.5%)
5. Palma de Mallorca, Spain (97.2%)
6. Cancun, Mexico (96.8%)
7. Bali, Indonesia (96.7%)
8. Panama City, Panama (96.3%)
9. Orlando, United States (94.1%)
10. Phuket, Thailand (93%)

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