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The Business Finance Bootcamp

Five weeks, five free webinars to get your business fighting fit.
10 July - 8 August

The OnlineX Business Finance Bootcamp Series, brought to you by Lulalend, kicks off on Thursday, 10 July 2021 at 4pm.

Each Thursday at 4pm, finance, accounting and productivity thought leaders will offer practical and achievable tips, tools and solutions to ensure SMEs survive and thrive into 2022.

As the pandemic hit, OnlineX stepped up to offer business owners and entrepreneurs the training and knowledge they needed to succeed. The Business Finance Bootcamp draws on the most relevant and asked for topics from the past year.

“The interactive year of webinars has helped us identify both the pain points businesses are having in the wake of the pandemic, as well as the best speakers to support them through their challenges. It's been remarkable to hear about the impact our webinars have had on companies' bottom lines,” says OnlineX co-founder Denis Kampel.

Participants can expect to discover which numbers matter most, how to continue growing their business responsibly and sustainably, how to maximise profits, leverage the best new tech and apps out there, lead teams in uncertain times and more. The five weekly sessions cover leadership, cashflow management, funding, building your tech stack and how to benchmark and measure your growth.

The five-week series has been made possible by business funder Lulalend, and is sponsored by Sage and Dext. “At Lulalend, our mission is to help SMEs grow and prosper. That's why we've partnered with OnlineX to bring you the best tools to ensure your business is financially strong,” says Lulalend co-founder Trevor Gosling.

Award-winning accounting tech business, DoughGetters, has been instrumental in shaping many of the sessions. “Based on DoughGetters’ experience and the roadblocks we see many entrepreneurs have to overcome, we believe that this webinar series will supercharge any business for those who watch and apply the practical advice they will be getting,” says co-founder Willem Haarhoff.

The five webinars are free to attend and take place each Thursday at 4pm, from 10 July to 8 August. For a full list of speakers, schedule and to book, go to

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