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MIT Architecture announces upcoming online public programme

The MIT Department of Architecture has released the schedule for its 2021 online public programme. The lecture series is a collaboration between MIT's faculty, staff, and students of its Department of Architecture, which includes designers, historians, critics, theorists, and experts in computation.
An architect from Niger, Mariam Kamara's lecture is titled 'How we narrate our yesterday determines how we imagine the future of architecture'.

"This spring, we turn with hope, but not certainty, to our post-pandemic future. Against what we cannot know, we turn to what we can; to history, and in particular to its alternatives, its margins, and its new, creative possibilities," the department shared on its website.

"We will explore the architecture of the Amazon, concrete architecture in the Global South, and mapping the architectural history of Cairo. We will examine the materiality of production and the materiality of race, spaces of care and spaces between, and inescapable history of identity and information.

"We look back to native title and all around us at the invisible architecture of criminal justice and incarceration. And we take all of these discussions as imperatives for new modes of thinking, and making, together."

The events will be held online and streamed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The lectures will be posted afterward on YouTube. View the full upcoming public programme here.

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