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Just too cool for Soulfire

Ever heard the saying "Dying to be famous"? Well, in the latest Chicken Licken spot that Egg director, Slim, did for Net#work BBDO, Chilly the snowman didn't just say it, he actually did it.
The spot features Chilly, a beloved friend of the family, turning into a beloved jar of water after not being able to resist eating a Chicken Licken Soulfire meal. Creative team Jo van der Linde, Peet Engelbrecht, Graeme Jenner and Rob Mclennan came up with the idea of a Snowman born back in 1981, after remembering that day when it actually snowed in Joburg. Over the two-day shoot in and around Roosevelt Park and Zoo Lake, Slim worked closely with Chilly until the final shot. Lucky for Chilly, someone brought a stunt jar and he didn't really have to die a watery death - so dry your tears and go buy your Soulfire Chicken Licken.

Chilly is now permanently employed by Egg Jhb and is also available for kids' parties.

funny ad-
really enjoyed the ad.
Posted on 7 Apr 2009 11:31
nice one-
nice one
Posted on 21 Apr 2009 17:34

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