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#Newsmaker: Boniswa Pezisa joins Mediology as executive director

Mediology has appointed industry heavyweight, Boniswa Pezisa as executive director. This appointment coincides with the agency's celebration of 15 years in business and continued commitment to creative media thinking.

One of Mediology’s key differentiators is its diverse team, which hold a combination of experience and broad perspectives across various markets, industries, and disciplines. Pezisa strengthens the team, with her enviable career, which includes, holding positions as the Group CEO for Net#work BBDO, chairperson for both the Loeries and ACA (Association for Communication & Advertising), and more recently, being inducted into the Loeries Hall of Fame.

Bizcommunity Congrats on being appointed as executive director at Mediology. How do you feel?

I'm thrilled and grateful to have such an awesome opportunity to move from one strong partnership of full trust to another one. I don’t know how many people get that in their lifetime. So, to get it twice in one life time feels pretty special.

Bizcommunity What will your new role entail?

Partnering the Mediology executives in the evolution and holistic transformation of our offering and bringing my transformative coach-leadership style in the development and leadership of our teams

Bizcommunity How and when did this come about?

The conversation started at the beginning of the year in a Coaching Conversation with the CEO of Mediology, Ana Carrapichano and our deep mutual respect, drive and continuous desire to for turning “the ordinary into extra-ordinary” is what sparked the light for both of us and led to this appointment.

Bizcommunity When do you take up this position?

I have spent the past two months at Mediology and I will be taking the position officially 1 July 2021.

Bizcommunity What excites you most about taking on this role?

Wow! New learnings and working with the dynamic bunch of a young, vibrant team of Mediologists!

I'm very excited in contributing to the crafting and evolution of a great vision and awesome work culture in an organisation with incredible people and work values that are chomping at serving differently and innovatively. I also look forward to partnering and collaborating with the executives on all the new expansion ideas that are on the cards.

Bizcommunity You're an established name in the industry. What are your biggest highlights?

This appointment is in an impressive highlight in my career, the opportunity to work side-by-side with a deep strategic thinker like Ana Carrapichano, contributing in the deeper and holistic transformation of Mediology, thereby entrenching and giving tangible output to our philosophy of “Where Logic Meets Magic” is an incredible opportunity and challenge.

The opportunity to work with inspirational people is the biggest thrill of my life, because people who inspires – challenge and push me to continuously strive for better and grander heights
The Loeries inducts respected industry guru Boniswa Pezisa into its Hall of Fame

Boniswa Pezisa, Net#work BBDO's group chief executive, is this year's Loeries Hall of Fame inductee...

Issued by Loeries 24 Nov 2020

Bizcommunity What do you love most about your career, the industry and what you do?

The opportunity to work side-by-side with creators, inspirers and innovators who continuously look for new ways to give brands deeper and transformative meaning in order to truly change, engage and affect people’s lives brings awesome joy for me.

I have had the thrill and joy of working and continue to work with incredible thinkers, creators and marketers and that is a blessing I relish daily.

Bizcommunity Do you think Covid-19 has impacted the quality of creative work in South Africa? If so, how?

Yes, it definitely has. We have become even more agile, in tune deeply connected with our culture and the big heart of the creative industry of South Africa continues to shine through in the kind of work that we continue to develop across the communication spectrum.

I also love the fact that the lines have blurred completely, therefore ours is to provide solutions to business problem using ever communication tool in our arsenal.

Bizcommunity What approach will you take for Mediology's transformation and expansion plans?

Mediology is an independent agency which offers an opportunity to review, reflect, develop and evolve holistically in how we show for every task on hand.

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