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The 10 biggest trends from SA Menswear Week A/W 2019

If fashionistas were looking for a night out there was no better way to celebrate the opening of SA Menswear Week than at the Unknown Union show.

The showcase was a tasteful fusion of art, music and fashion at the delectable Radisson Hotel on the Cape Town Waterfront.

Fabrics contained graphic elements, reminiscent of the ancient Olmecs and included beautiful mohairs, cotton knits and Marino wools laid over cotton-based knitwear and knit fabrics. Styling was urban as per their signature looks and included t-shirts, hoodies, harem pants containing beautiful geometric shapes.

This show-starter set an extremely high standard for the rest of the ranges to follow.

Saturday saw an early morning start and the Cape Town Cruise terminal was a perfect urban setting with the vast open spaces, industrial feels and plenty of interesting corners for guests to get the perfect shot.

Here are the top 10 trends as seen on the runway.


Camouflage was shown in unconventional colours and opposed to prints, it was displayed in patchwork details as showcased by 2 Bop and ALC Man.

2 Bop

New tailoring

Tailoring was effortless and more relaxed with soft matching sets more dominant than structured tailored suits as shown Neo Serati, Nicholas Coutts, Rosey Vittori and  XMCreations.

Neo Serati
Rosey Vittori

Picnic party

Plaids, tartans, picnic, Madras and Glen plain checks were layered on oversized shirts while jackets clashed with trousers as shown by ALC Man, Palse, Nicholas Coutts.

Nicholas Coutts


A continuation of 2018’s shearling, fleece, velvet and suede but, this time, in cape linings, throws, overcoats and jackets as showcased by Ellen Madie, ALC Man and Nicholas Coutts.

Ellen Madie
Nicholas Coutts

Alp trekking

Functional and survival technical elements – inclusive of ties, patch pockets, velcro tabs, D-rings and bungee cords – were left dangling on oversized bombers and parkas, which are sure to keep any snow storm at bay. This was teamed with oversized bags, hiking boots and hiking sneakers as showcased by ALC Man, Throwaway Twenty and XM Creations.

XM Creations


We are so used to associating tie-dye with summer handmade ‘90s tie-dye on cottons and denims, but we were quickly reminded of more sophisticated grunge as shown in jackets and trouser sets by ALC Man and One I Am.


Similar to the hiking trend, functionality is key! Patch pocket details on trousers and jackets as shown by Atto Tetteh.

Atto Tetteh
Throwaway Twenty

Leather and pleather

This trend makes its return in maxi length coats – think Morpheus in The Matrix – as well as pleather suits and butcher’s waistcoats as shown by Tokyo James and Martin Kadinda.

Tokyo James
Martin Kadinda

Exit details

From artistic prints to graphic logos and placement prints, emphasis was placed on the back of jackets, and tops as showcased by Rosey Vittori, Red Thread and Tokyo James.

Tokyo James
Red Thread


Bold stripes are key as shown by Atto Tetteh and Martin Kadinda.

Atto Tetteh
Martin Kadinda
We look forward to an exciting winter 2019!

About Meagan Duckitt

Meagan is a fashion designer, stylist, writer and public speaker. She owns a small clothing business called Calista Clothing and enjoys using her knowledge to empower women.

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