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StarTimes encourages Rwandans to produce local content

According to Officials from StarTimes Rwanda, local content producers can earn money if they innovate with new and original TV entertainment materials that can be aired on StarTimes Rwanda cable TV.
Image source: Gallo/Getty.
StarTimes Rwanda offers over 200 bouquet channels for its subscribers. Local viewers are more interested by local novellas, series and children’s entertainment material.

Unfortunately, among these productions available on their cable TV, none are from Rwanda. They are instead produced by other African countries including Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria, for example; The Blood Sisters series, Sapas et Sakas, a Beach Sports Challenge in Uganda, and a Dating show (Hello Mr. Right) among others.

The marketing and public relations manager of StarTimes Rwanda, Vlady Terimbere, said that they have received some proposal from Rwandan producers but which didn’t meet the company’s requirements.

Terimbere, commented, “We are still looking for local content and ready to sponsor it, if it meets the requirements, for example it must be well planned, entertaining and original in order to tap on the local appetite for entertaining shows.”

Some local contents are only available on YouTube and the national public TV broadcaster, Rwandans must improve their content presentation with more creativity and market it through available channels, stated Terimbere.

“We don’t lack creativity but there is a problem of copying content and though there are issues of budget, we need someone who can show they can, so to get supported,” Terimbere added.

The Rwanda film industry has over 5000 registered film actors in the federation and there are many film projects produced online but there are only two popular television drama series: Seburikoko and City Maid.

StarTimes is also willing to focus on the sponsorship of local contents. The company has already sponsored some local products like the Salax Music Awards, looking into possibilities to sponsor the Rwanda Premier League, implemented 10,000 satellite TV for African villages, in which 6000 families benefited with 300 villages in Rwanda.

The CEO of StarTimes Rwanda, Deng stated, “Few people have TV sets, which is at 12% countrywide. So, we want to work with government to see how this can be improved, but we also see the future with the use of internet to watch any of our content on a smart device, since there is full network coverage.”

Rwanda has launched a 4G network coverage at over 96% and the government is also investing in 5G network which is expected to be available 2020.

Among the other StarTimes offer options is a full kit digital TV package (DGT) with a décor, an antenna and cable which can accessible for 31.56 USD (Rwf29, 000) with a one-month free classic subscription worth 7.62 USD (Rwf7000).

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