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Senegal plans to cut analog signal in September 2019

The Senegalese authorities want to cut the signal of analog television. The information was made public by Amadou Diop, director general of 'Télédiffusion du Sénégal' (TDS), the state body in charge of the transition from analog to digital.
Image source: Gallo/Getty.
“We are rescheduling the coverage, reworking the networks of redistribution decoders. We are preparing for the resumption of the switchover, which we plan to finalise in June 2020, with the extinction of the analog signal, expected next September,” said Diop.

According to Amadou Diop, Senegal has already done the hard part by succeeding in setting up a public-private partnership to finance the transition.

Senegal has chosen Excaf Telecom, a local company, as exclusive operator of the DTT platform.

Source: NexTVAfrica.com.


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