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Savanna Cider resolute in promotion of responsible consumption

As we navigate the new world we find ourselves in, Savanna remains focused on supporting and uplifting South Africans through numerous campaigns and lively social media activity. During this challenging time, we understand the need to savour every moment and live jubilantly and as such we have intentionally endeavoured to create content that entertains and proactively drives responsible messaging to you, our much loved consumers.

“We are very proud of Savanna and the prominence it holds in popular culture and we believe it is a true testament and reflection of a brand that is in tune with its community. We remain committed to encouraging responsible consumption and we urge consumers to stay home and stay safe over this period,” said Distell marketing director Natasha Maharaj.

Savanna will continue to invest in harm reduction programmes that promote responsible behaviour which aims to deal with areas of concern such as staying at home, social distancing, wearing of masks and a number of Arrive Alive messages to prevent drunk driving. To this extent, Savanna wishes to implore South Africans to avoid crowded spaces and irresponsible behaviour to avoid any unnecessary harm during this period. It brings Savanna no joy to see it’s consumers as the subject of controversy and we wish to affirm the fondness with which we value our consumers and wish them safety during these trying times.

When Savanna gets serious, it must be serious. Deadly serious.

Even though Savanna is well known for its quirky, dry sense of humour, the brand decided to take a stand and create an awareness campaign that drives a very important message to its consumers: Drinking and driving is no joke...

Issued by Grey Africa 17 Feb 2021

“We love that our consumers engage with us and we see that they have all truly embraced the Savanna brand as part of your lives. Through our collective efforts we strongly believe we can exemplify the responsible enjoyment and celebration of one of South Africa’s most loved ciders,” Maharaj concludes.

For more information, visit www.savanna.co.za

Distell, a global business with roots in South Africa, produces and markets a diverse portfolio of award-winning alcoholic brands that have been crafted by extraordinary people across the world. Some of these brands include Amarula, Savanna, Hunter's Dry, Durbanville Hills and Nederburg.

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