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New partnership to make Cameroon hub for developing civil aviation skills

Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO), a leading organisation for aviation regulatory training in Europe, and the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) have signed a memorandum of understanding. The partnership aims to set Cameroon CAA as a JAA TO satellite for the Central African region as well as to merge the organisations' efforts to qualify local JAA TO instructors.
© albert22278 via pixabay
The agreement was signed by the director general of the CCAA, Avomo Assoumou Paule Koki, and the director of the JAA TO, Paula V. de Almeida, at JAA TO's headquarters, in the Netherlands.

Open training courses

In the short term, JAA TO will schedule a series of open training courses to be organised at the CCAA’s training school in Cameroon. Also in the pipeline is training local instructors in order to qualify them and enable internal and sustainable capacity building of the school. The activities will include deploying JAA TO’s training management tools and sharing marketing activities.

The CCAA is – to date – the only civil aviation organisation in the African region to sign such a partnership agreement with JAA TO.

Main reason for the partnership

“The main drive of this partnership is to make Cameroon a hub for developing civil aviation skills in the Central African sub-region and Africa. In turn, the partnership will enable JAA TO training courses to become accessible for the first time in the continent, by this local training school, which will serve as our satellite”, says Almeida.

“The recent establishment of an English Proficiency Test Center for aviation personnel is already an important part of the shift in the CCAA training school, as it prepares for the ICAO certification audit of the Douala Training Center as Regional Security Training Center (RSTC). Its application as ICAO Trainair Plus Full Member is also a relevant factor confirming the center’s compliance with JAA TO’s minimum requirements for partner-satellites”, affirms Koki.

This partnership will reportedly propel the viability for increased competency levels of professionals in the African region, towards higher internationally-based standards.



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