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MBC to launch a new FTA satellite TV channel in North Africa

The addition of a new channel, MBC5, will bring an enriched cultural and historical heritage to North Africa. It also aims to increase local content production, and so contribute to the promotion and expansion of the industry.
Image source: Gallo/Getty.
According to MBC, “The launch of MBC5 is expected to benefit the target countries’ economic development and employment, through new investments in the region’s media sector, as well as the creation of new jobs, especially for first-time employees/the youth market.”

The launch of the channel will mark the broadcast of the first episode of popular talent show, The Voice.

In addition, MBC5 will deliver new Maghrebi Arabic and standard modern Arabic productions, including Al Dar Darkoum, an original comedy produced by GoPro, featuring the popular comedy duo Driss et Mehdi; as well as Jwabak Dahab, a show fronted by Mourad El Achabi and produced by Cinetelema, that focuses on Moroccan street theatre.

MBC has been broadcasted across the MENA region since 1991.




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