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Canal+ rolls out new African TV show 'Sakho & Mangane'

Canal+ Africa is planning to roll out new African TV show 'Sakho and Mangane' in French speaking African countries. 'Sakho and Mangane' is a detective series created and directed by Jean-Luc Herbulot with the participation of Hubert Ndao and Toumani Sangaré as directors.
New West African TV cop show ‘Sakho and Mangane’.
It’s a 100% African production with a team of three directors from Congo, Senegal and Mali. The plot of the series is set in an African capital, Dakar. The series highlights Commander Souleymane Sakho (Issaka Sawadogo) and Lieutenant Basile Mangane (Yann Gael), a police officer duo with opposite characters and radically different methods.

Under the command of Mama Ba, Commander Sakho and Lieutenant Mangane are forced to work together to solve increasingly bizarre criminal and supernatural investigations in Dakar.

These two police officers offer an explosive combination of actions, mysteries and twists.

With this broadcast, Canal + intends to encourage the training and professionalisation of teams engaged in production.




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