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Broll releases latest research report on SADC property market

Broll Property Group has released a new report, SADC Market Snippet 2018, providing the latest property market research on certain SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries. The report is designed to assist potential investors with understanding some of the property market conditions in the region, covering country facts, economic indicators, global rankings on indices e.g. corruption or competitiveness, and key indicators in the office, retail and industrial property markets.
Port Louis, Mauritius. By Peter Kuchar, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

The Broll SADC Market Snippet Q1:2018 takes each of the countries in turn and presents an accessible six-part picture to guide the investor on property market conditions in each country.

Example of some of the data made available

Taking a closer look at a particular country in the report, for example Mauritius, one finds a country of 1.3-million people, rating well on the democracy index, which is managing to keep corruption levels at bay and is high on the best-countries-for-business index. This ranks it as a favourable location in the SADC region in which to do business.

Mauritius, with 58.6% of the population urbanised, intense mobile phone usage at 142 phones per 100 people, internet access with 46.2 users per 100 people and a real GDP annual growth rate of 4.0%, offers potential for investors and developers. Asking rents are being achieved within the retail market with average yields of 7.75% - 8% being evident. The average yield for offices is generally a bit higher at 8.5% - 9% and demand within the market is forecast to be stable with supply increasing over the next six months.

Download the SADC Market Snippet 2018 report at www.broll.com/publications.



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