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Loerie award for positive influence

The Loeries Ubuntu Award, sponsored by Hetzner, was inaugurated last year to recognise the positive influence of brands on the social and physical environment. Entries may be submitted before Tuesday, 31 May 2011.
Loerie award for positive influence

Entries will be pre-evaluated by Greater Capital, a social development consultancy, to ensure that the projects are making an impact and leaving a sustainable legacy.

"Through our sponsorship of this award, we are able to participate in showcasing the collective creative effort that has gone into promoting the long-term sustainability of our environment and the upliftment of communities in South Africa. Ubuntu is alive and well in our country and we are excited to share in these initiatives at the 2011 Loerie Awards," said Athena Turner, Hetzner marketing manager.

Greater Capital head of consulting Bridgit Evans added, "It is encouraging to see that an industry body like this recognising brands that are going the extra mile to improve quality of life in South Africa. The Loeries have taken this one step further by acknowledging that it is not only about the creativity and innovation of the initiative, but also about the social and environmental impact these brand initiatives have had."


This category was put in place to recognise brands that have gone the extra mile to improve quality of life, whether it be in the form of community services or protecting and enhancing the living space and environment and integrating these activities with the brand communication programme. Criteria for the award are:

  • Demonstrate a positive social or environmental impact on behalf of a brand,
  • Be appropriate to the business of the brand,
  • Reflect an active and ongoing campaign that took place in the period of 1 June 2010 to 31 May 2011. The campaign may have started before this date, but must have still been running during this eligibility period.

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