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2022 Africa Energy Indaba to focus on energy solutions

The 14th African Energy Indaba Conference (AEI) takes place from 1-3 March at the at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in Cape Town, in the form of a hybrid model of virtual discussion and debate that includes an on-site Exhibition from 1-2 March.
Source: ©African Energy Indaba  A panel discussion at the 2020 Africa Energy Indaba
Source: ©African Energy Indaba Africa Energy Indaba A panel discussion at the 2020 Africa Energy Indaba

The conference will enable discussion and rigorous debate to identify solutions to expedite adequate energy generation across Africa.

Disruptions by Covid-19

Day 1 of the conference underscores the theme of the day, The Great Awakening for the African Energy Sector. The opening plenary panel will critically assess the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic by providing innovative energy options that will facilitate accessible, reliable and affordable energy to the entire continent. The panel will further elaborate on Africa's energy vision and the driving elements and factors over the next 25 years.

Panel topics

  • Panel 1 Energy Policy - Enabling Energy Transition, Sustainable Communities & Flourishing Businesses
  • A look at Africa's potential to create an energy policy that encompasses a low carbon future and how policies promoting energy transition and involving the support mechanisms of micro-and mega-business can help build more sustainable communities through the integration of free trade and cross-border services.

  • Panel 2l African Off-Grid Potential: A New Business Frontier
  • The rapid advancement of energy technology paves the way for new energy providers to compete and decentralise with existing energy providers. Likewise, consumers can consider off-grid solutions and concomitant energy self-sufficiency.

  • Panel 3 Funding-The Moving Target of Investment Readiness
  • Explores Africa's substantial investment needs while striving to strike a balance between the continent's low ability to repay loans, high funding, and investment risk levels. To attain investment readiness and for monetary resources to flow to Africa to enable energy businesses to prosper, the discussion needs to address these and other critical factors.

    In tandem, this analysis needs to include funders' and investors' continually fluctuating expectations and criteria. The global economic crisis experienced by Covid-19 has resulted in a considerable drop in oil prices, with long-term forecasts of a structural oil price collapse.

  • Panel 4 The Future of Oil and Gas in Africa in the Energy Transition
  • This is a critical topic considering Africa's inevitable transition to a lower-carbon future. Investments in oil and gas are speculative and risky, notwithstanding global commitments to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement, there is a need for countries reliant on oil and gas revenues to diversify their economies.

The three conference days cover many other illuminating topics, embodying the pertinent themes that ultimately symbolise the surge towards African energy freedom. The virtual conference and the physical exhibition at the CTICC will include networking and B2B meetings.

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