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Dr Micki Pistorius enters into new professional associations in the Republic of Mauritius

In August 2019 the World Bank made the following statement concerning Mauritius: "The country's economy has made great strides since independence in 1968, and the Republic of Mauritius is now an upper middle-income economy. Key challenges include managing the transition to a knowledge-based economy and adapting to the impacts of climate change."
Many people come to Mauritius to invest their money. Dr Pistorius brings her intellectual equity, knowledge and experience. Dr Pistorius is appointed as a professional consultant to a new company, Europlaw Group Africa Limited, to be launched in Mauritius. Europlaw Group is established in different countries and is a member of the Internation Association of Lawyers (UIA), situated in Paris, France, and a member of the Global Law Experts, situated in London, England.

Within Europlaw Group we identified various synergies to the benefit of the community and business trade affairs in Mauritius. The Financial Times (October 2018) reported the Government of Mauritius would like to “capatilise on its role as a gateway to Africa” and that it wants to offer “sophisticated legal and consultancy services to the more than 20,000 companies registered on the island.” At Europlaw Group, we believe we can answer to this call. Dr Pistorius’ experience and expertise in the successful conclusion and prosecution of criminal cases in various different courts in South Africa will come to good stead. Europlaw in Mauritius will be the platform from where we launch professional services, to our African, India, Asian and Indonesian clientele.

Dr Pistorius has also been teaming up with renowned Mauritian experts, Dr Satish Boolell, former state pathologist, and Dr Corine Faustin-Therese, who obtained her psychology doctorate degree on domestic violence. Together they form an association with a diverse forensic knowledge data bank, founded on years of collective field experience, backed up by academic credentials. They are intent on making a practical contribution to combatting crime. Dr Faustin-Therese and Dr Pistorius are particularly concerned about the recent spate of femicide in Mauritius.

The Financial Times also commented that the Government of Mauritius would like to establish the island as a center of learning to raise the skills of its population. In association with Dr Boolell and Dr Faustin-Therese, Dr Pistorius envisages partnering with a tertiary institution in Mauritius to attract international students who want to learn about forensic pathology, forensic psychology, interrogation and interviewing skills and criminal profiling. The target market would be the Indian Ocean countries, Asia and Africa. It is also foreseen that police forces send their investigators, profilers and pathologists to Mauritius for world-class training. They would like to see several research projects being launched through such a university, to establish a Mauritian data bank, for example standardising forensic psychometric tests on the Mauritian criminal population.

They will also offer a forensic consultancy services to private security and investigative companies on a global level and to the public who are in need of a second opinion regarding autopsies, preservation of crime scene and investigative psychology. Criminal profiling is not just limited to violent crimes like murder and rape, but also includes white-collar crime, psychopaths, stalkers, child molestation, drug offences, youth offenders, domestic violence perpetrators and terrorism. They outsource DNA analysis to a reputable private firm. Both Dr Boolell and Dr Pistorius are expert witnesses in court.

Another one of Dr Pistorius interests is stress management. Executive stress is a global phenomenon and has been dubbed the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organisation. Mr Nicolaas Kruger, CEO of the MMI Group insurance company, said group disability claims increased significantly. He said in a tough economic environment more senior executives become disabled because of stress or depression. It was estimated that in South Africa alone R15 million was lost in 2015 due to executive stress.

Mauritius is now home to a number of international companies. These companies pay extreme insurance and medical aid premiums on the lives of their executives. It therefore makes economic sense to train executives in combatting stress. These executives are not interested in visiting rehab centers or esoteric resorts. They are left-brain orientated captains of industry who want intelligent practical solutions embedded in empirical research. In this sense Dr Pistorius has developed a stress combat programme, based on neuropsychology to address their unique needs. Dr Pistorius is also in consultation with a Mauritian Hotel Group whose values dovetail with her; of healthy living and homegrown foods. They are looking at aquaponics, also as a reinvestment in the community and providing employment. What one eats influences one’s brain functioning directly. Psychodietics is an undisputed new approach to maintaining a healthy life and extending the ‘sell-by date’ of one’s mental faculties. It addresses stress, depression and dementias. These workshops can include Workplace Violence, Competitive Intelligence and a host of other topics on the executive’s menu. Set against the backdrop of one of Mauritius most luxurious hotels, this is a winner deal.

Very dear to her heart is the youth of Mauritius. Dr Pistorius has designed a neuropsychological-founded workshop to train teachers on the development of the brains of children and teenagers. This programme was successfully implemented by Schools Company in the UK. The brain actually only matures by around 28 years. There are certain faculties not yet developed which one cannot expect from children, yet one can train their brains to open up to them. The future of a country is in the hands of the educators. Educators inspire the youth to excellence! Dr Pistorius' colleague, Dr Faustin-Therese, is as passionate about this prospect as she is and would like to see research extended to gifted children. They address bullying, intrinsic motivation, self-esteem building and leadership excellence in these programmes. Dr Pistorius also hopes to make inroads into career development for the youth, because teenagers who are focused and have purpose in life are much less likely to fall victim to the drug scourge and turn to crime. She would like to partner with government and private schools in these programmes and are looking for corporate sponsorships.

So in all, when someone asks "Why Mauritius?" Dr Pistorius can sincerely answer that she is in love with Mauritius and its people. It is a young country (almost the same age as Dr Pistorius) and it provides so many opportunities to share her skills, years of experience and invest her knowledge in its economy, as the World Bank and the World Health Organisation require.


Email: moc.walporue@suirotsip

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