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Refreshed launched

The refreshed is an amalgamation of CNBC Africa's website and the group's digital publishing arm,
Refreshed launched
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The website promises to bring the continent and the world pan-African business news stories and video, featuring over 22,000 clips and interviews from around the African Continent.

Africa Business News (ABN) has been in the process of integrating its print, online and television newsrooms, with the goal of becoming a collaborative digital enterprise, with focus on breaking news and analysis. The new website not only acts a companion to the television channel, but will keep its digital audience abreast of the latest news and events driving markets in Africa and overseas.

ABN Digital users will be permanently redirected to the new website as content is migrated and will eventually be phased out.

Extend television viewing experience to online world

The website will offer CNBC Africa television viewers breaking business and economic news and analysis from top performing African markets and equities to currencies, commodities, oil, infrastructure, technology, financials as well as in-depth interviews with CEO's and executives leading major African organisations. Further to this, viewers will also be able to read up on the latest shows, their favourite anchors and extend their television viewing experience to the online world.

"The journey to get to this point has been a long and challenging one. The nature of the business compels us to keep innovating and building on what we currently offer," said's chief executive, Sid Wahi. "The opportunity brought about by, firstly, the proliferation of the internet and secondly by the explosion of mobile and tablet devices, both in the continent and globally is tremendous. The market for quality business content has growth significantly over the last few years and while the digital space has been difficult to monetize in the short run for many players, we will definitely be spending a lot more of our time and financial resources behind our digital growth."

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